“Power Rangers” Casts Naomi Scott As The Pink Ranger


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The first ranger has been cast as newcomer takes on the role of Pink Ranger in the feature reboot. The film will begin shooting in Vancouver in early 2016. 

A feature reboot of the film has been steadily growing steam for the past couple of years. Saban and announced they would be making a film back in Spring 2014. A few different and were attached at various points as they developed the script with some reports insisting that film would be grounded but still remain as fun as the original show. 

Then on February 24 2015, Adi Shankar released a gritty, mature “bootleg” entitled Power/Rangers starring James Van Der Beek. The short was an internet sensation, with most of the original series cast members declaring their love of the edgier take, including original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson. Saban had the short pulled from Vimeo and within two days of its release due to copyright infringement, but it was eventually restored.

The success of the short proved the demand from the audience and also the willingness of the audience to accept a darker take of the campy series. In Spring of 2015, news began picking up again for a feature reboot as the film added Dean Israelite to direct.

Scott can currently be seen in theaters in The Martian and will next appear in the Chilean miners drama The 33

Scott is repped by and Station 3. 


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