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returns for its third season, and we anticipate it to be full of twists and turns as James St. Patrick aka “Ghost” claims to be out of the drug game.

The first scene opens with Ghost and Angela, his girlfriend, coming out of a limousine. They are stunning.  They enter Ghost’s club, Truth, together, and as they overlook the club from its highest level, they look very happy. Angela seems to be getting what she wanted all along. Her “Jamie” seems to be walking the straight and narrow path.

Meanwhile, Ghost’s former drug associates are fighting for corner control. Now that Carlos “Vibora” Ruiz is nowhere to be found, there is no authority and no product to sell. ALM takes advantage of this by trying to commandeer marked territory from Los Soldados. Tommy intervenes just in time before the two come head-to-head.

“Forget Ghost. Call me James.” Ghost tells this to Andre as they discuss business in his office. Andre tells him that he is not really cut out for the straight and narrow path. He says that he “…want[s]to look clean. I never said I wanted to be clean.” We can sense that Ghost might be struggling with this dichotomy as well.

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On , Ghost and Angela are living together; buying and unpacking groceries; and lo and behold! They are also being a bit more transparent with each other as well. Angela reveals that she wants to be transferred to a different department, possibly a division that handles white collar crime. She follows it up by saying that would probably mean working longer hours. Ghost says that with owning 3 clubs, he too, will be a little more unavailable as well.  Angela embraces Ghost from behind, and his eyes reveal some doubt that these two will live the fairy tale they thought they could.

Since he’s on the transparency train, he spreads it to his estranged wife, Tasha. With some coaxing from Angela, he tells Tasha that he wants to talk to their two children about Angela. Tasha puts the kibosh on that and diverts the conversation to what happened to Shawn, Ghost’s nephew and Tasha’s lover. She is convinced that Ghost murdered Shawn because he was sleeping with her. Ghost sets the record straight and tells her that Kanan killed his own son, Shawn.

Tommy’s intervention between ALM and Los Soldados inspires him to make a name for himself. He is the new kid on the block since disavowing his loyalty and brotherhood to Ghost. He makes his rounds around town to let current gang leaders know his position.  One Asian gang leader applauds Tommy for not associating with Ghost anymore because he is a (enter racial epithet here). Tommy noticeably hates that comment but powers through the meeting anyway.

Without Tommy, Ghost really has no one to watch his back. He is still milling over who put a bloody “La Arana” card on his office desk. His surveillance video reveals that it was left by one of his female club employees, Tatiana. He tracks her down, but it is too late. As he sneaks into her apartment building and opens her door, he sees blood splattered on her carpet. Although we see no body, we can assume she is dead.  Ghost returns to his club, summons John Cantos, club manager, to the front and fires him in front of all his employees, stating that Cantos is disloyal and doesn’t want anyone like him working for him. Cantos, as manager, should have had his eye on people going in and out of Ghost’s office. After all, Ghost and John shared that office.

Andre also has access to that office, and as he is rummaging through Ghost’s drawer, he discovers the bloody “La Arana” card. He has a serious what the heck moment. He’s not sure what to make of it.

Angela has a few people snooping on her as well. In one of the greatest twists of the episode, Mike Sandoval, Angela’s superior, is a stoolie for Felipe Lobos, Ghost’s former drug supplier. He knows that Ghost is James St. Patrick but has kept that to himself. Did I mention that Sandoval is a U.S. Attorney?

As Sandoval has his eye on Angela, Lobos has his eye on Ghost. He has enlisted Tommy to kill Ghost, and if he doesn’t, then Lobos threatens to kill Ghost, him, Holly, his girlfriend and their dog. He delivers on one of his promises when he hears Ghost still isn’t dead.  Tommy discovers his dog laying in pool of blood with a broken neck in the kitchen. Lobos, although wheelchair-bound and sequestered in a hospital, is the most dangerous man in the game.


Angela’s ex-lover and ex-colleague, Greg Knox, can’t let Angela go. He continues to spy on her, determined to make a case that she and Ghost are working together. Although this couldn’t be farther from the truth, he is on a mission, and he has enlisted a different ex-colleague to help him prove this.

This episode also gives us the most transparency Ghost and Angela have shared. He opens up about why Julio, his former drug mate, was in the club. Julio says that he didn’t believe Ghost was actually out of the drug game. Angela reveals that Lobos is still alive and explains the stakes if people were to know he was still alive. Lobos is trying to keep it under wraps.

What Ghost didn’t tell Angelia is that Julio also told him that Tommy killed one ALM member and severely injured another with a message to others: there is a new Sheriff in town and his name is Tommy.

The last scene is the most chilling. After Ghost and Angela make love in her cute but small apartment after all that information sharing, she goes to shower, and he makes a call. He says, “Tommy, we need to talk man. It’s Ghost.” Ghost is back, and it only took one episode.

This episode was solid, but it feels a bit predictable. I am looking forward to being taking down a rabbit hole. The story line is good enough for it to do that.

Season 3, Episode 1 (S03E01)
Power airs Sundays at 9PM on Starz


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