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The main arc for this series has never been truer: There is a tale of two Jamies. In the beginning of this series, Jamie has the typical back story – a poor kid growing up in a rough neighborhood whose only way out is to sell drugs. Except, Jamie didn’t remain a seller. He became a distributor.  Love was the only reason why he wanted out. He was almost successful until Milan happened.  Not the city, but the person. I’ve never felt any kind of pity for Ghost until now.

There is a real possibility that Ghost could be exterminated. I know this because Ghost is scared. And not the kind that you can easily overcome. This is the scared straight kind of scared, except he is being scared crooked.  Milan has not only infiltrated himself into Ghost’s clubs but also into his home. Milan shows up to Tasha’s home unannounced, declaring that Ghost invited him, and a woman Ghost thought was dead.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Milan shows up in Ghost’s cereal.  That man is everywhere! They all sit down to eat like one big happy family while Ghost tries to digest having another man hold this type of control over him. This is something completely new for him. Ghost says that he was not scared of Kanan because he was a street guy. Milan is a whole different level. We are in  uncharted territory for the consummate master. I am scared for him.

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Tommy is also scared. Tasha, inadvertently, tells Tommy that Holly was pregnant. Uh-oh! Remember: Tasha does not know that Holly is dead. She just thinks that Holly and Tommy are going through a rough patch. She apologizes, saying it was her idea to tell him that she was pregnant. As Tommy hears the news, I could see the heaviness of his heart, sinking every millisecond. Tommy has not only killed his girlfriend but also his future son or daughter. Tommy’s insides liquefy in that moment.

Because of his distress, he decides to not follow through on Milan’s orders to kill Father Callahan.  As punishment Milan has him brutally beaten. Tommy doesn’t fight back as one guys calls out: “Kill him.” He is one big block of massive red punches. Bleeding from the head and limp, Milan allows him to live, declaring that this is the best time for him to be alive because he no longer has any ties.  He was on the road to becoming a steadfast leader. Now, he is just broken pieces. I think this may be a precursor to his death.  Tommy’s unraveling is a good sign that he isn’t some heartless drug distributor. Everyone has an achilles heel. For Tommy, it’s not money. It’s family. In his mind, he is responsible for killing a member of his own family – his unborn child – and how does he begin to forgive himself for that? Be on the look-out for Tommy putting himself in danger so that he can be killed or even being indifferent about everything, even his brother Ghost. Yes, he has a heart, but his tenderness could place himself, Ghost and Ghost’s family in even more danger.

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Now that one of the most dangerous men is dead – Lobos – there is another one on the loose, and he is undercover: Mike Sandoval.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office conducts an internal investigation about a possible snitch. We know that it is Sandoval, but Greg and Sandoval’s fingers are pointing at Angela. Angela was at her strongest during an intense questioning session about her relationship with Jamie. She declares that she was using him for intel that would put Lobos away for good. She cites her other unconventional (and illegal) methods and how using him was just another example of her work style. The investigators seem convinced, but now Jamie is a person of interest. For Jamie, on one side is Milan and on the other is the law. I am not sure which he should be scared of more.

As if Jamie can’t have more heat on his back, Paz lays into him. She packs his things; tells him to give her the apartment keys; and declares that if he even sniffs Angela’s way, she will kill him with her bare hands (I added the first part, but Paz really does say the second part. And I believe her).  Angela is forced to prove that she is no accomplice to Lobos’ murder via Jamie. Her life seems ruined. She gave up everything to be with the man she has loved since high school. Although I should feel sorry for her, I really don’t. She has made many poor decisions, not just in love. She makes poor professional choices, too. This is a pattern. She is no love-struck bunny. She is just silly, plain and simple. Her heart is broken, which means she will be what Greg Knox is to her: scorned and bitter. Get ready, Jamie!

Power Season 3

Oh, yeah, and Kanan pops up for 2 seconds to threaten Andre although he looked very unsure of himself. Kanan is looking like an amateur compared to Milan. Will the show just kill him off already? Only big players should be allowed to attend what’s in store.

A Grade
Season 3, Episode 7 (S03E07)
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