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Sunday night’s episode of thrilled me. We are at the apex of each character’s arc, and I am excited to see how their actions lead to their ultimate fates. Let’s begin with Holly. Holly is trying very hard to be Tommy’s ride-or-die chick, but it seems that she always acts impulsively, which puts her and Tommy in a harrier situation.

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Tommy is ambushed by a car full of Korean gang members. He hides behind a parked car for cover. The bullets are piercing through the car, and for a second, I really thought that Tommy was going to die. If you remember, I mentioned that killing Tommy would be a better bet than killing Ghost. However, Ghost, in all dark clothing, appears on the opposite side of the Koreans’ car, and he fires several rounds, saving Tommy’s life. The car speeds off, and Ghost disappears.

Tommy returns home with a bullet in his arm. He tells Holly that Lobos is behind the attack (which, of course, is not true. He is only assuming this). I find it interesting that he made no mention of someone coming to his rescue unless he didn’t realize it. I guess all bullets sound the same when you’re the target, but wouldn’t he want to know why the Koreans did not confirm he was dead before speeding off? Tommy, as demonstrated throughout the series, has a case of naivete sometimes, so I will let that slide.

Upon hearing that Tommy merely thinks Lobos is behind the attack, Holly, who still hasn’t told Tommy that she is pregnant, decides to take matters into her own hands to keep her, Tommy and their baby safe. She hires a Jamaican gang member to kill Ghost. Holly, although having good intentions, also demonstrates naivete. Tommy and Holly sure are two peas in a pod!

Unlike Tommy, Holly’s naivete is involving a Jamaican gang. I’m sure narcissist Lobos will have an issue with someone else doing the job Tommy promised to do. Once Lobos finds out, this desperate move will put a redder mark on Tommy and Holly’s heads. Holly is no Tasha. To be a woman in the game, you need to be a strategist or you get killed. Holly is not the former, so I am sure she will become the latter sooner rather than later.

The strategist, Tasha, reminds Angela that “…as long as you stay in this thing with Ghost, you’re gonna be doing for him the rest of your life.” Could this mean Angela will have to give her life for Ghost, whether literally or in prison?

Greg has re-joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and he has secured a valuable witness to Lobos’ dealings: Vibora Ruiz. Greg explains that Ruiz will be able to not only testify against Lobos, but he will be able to name all of the players. As Angela is listening to Greg’s schpiel, I could see her little heart drop.

Power Season 3

This means that Ruiz has the potential to implicate her beau, Ghost. What shall an AUSA in love with a “reformed” drug kingpin to do? It seems that the universe is doing everything in its power to tear her and Ghost apart. Her profession, her sister Paz, and her screw-up with the children are screaming that they are just not meant to be. If I were Angela, I would be planning an exit strategy. She has several, but she is in love. And that love thing will have you thinking you can have it all although all signs point in the opposite direction. She hasn’t made a firm decision as to whether she will continue to try to make it work, but it’s evident that she’s not so sure it could.

Ghost reinvented himself into James St. Patrick. He is now going through another reinvention: showing exactly who he is. Karen Bassett challenges him to create social media buzz around his clubs. Without it, she will not do business with him. The idea of pictures floating around of THE James St. Patrick scares the shit out of him, but onward and upward! He does it. He is uncomfortable with the idea, and this, frankly, is refreshing. Karen tells him that she “…can’t sell a ghost,” and this is true. Ghost becomes more human every time he makes moves as James St. Patrick. It seems that he’s really trying to fit into the less secretive, more open persona of Mr. St. Patrick, but with Ruiz talking to the feds, could all his hard work to change be for naught?

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No one needs Ghost to change more than Tariq, his son. Call me crazy, but does anyone else believe that Tasha might be grooming Tariq to be the next Ghost? Tariq has been school-ordered to see a therapist after bringing a gun to school. Tasha preps him by saying that the therapist will ask him many questions that might lead to uncovering things about her and Ghost. She encourages him to not add anything more when the therapist asks a question. Tariq questions whether his mom is asking him to lie. She says no and continues to say that he is a smart kid and he “will know what to do.” Tasha is a great mother, but she is still the wife of a drug kingpin. She finds nothing wrong with the game. She just knows how to play it, and I assume this will be passed on to her son.

Meanwhile in DC, Jukebox challenges Kanan to rethink killing Ghost. “Is he worth more to you alive than dead?” she asks. We’ve heard this before. Using someone until they’re not useful anymore is a common yet effective strategy. Kanan mills it over, and I think he will adopt it. But how will he be able to use Ghost for anything? The two can’t be on the same earth together, let alone the same industry. This will be interesting.

Season 3, Episode 4 (S03E04)
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