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Tommy (Joseph Sikora) actually wants to kill Ghost (Omari Hardwick) now. And he’s enlisting Milan aka Mr. Evil to help him do it. After seeing Ghost and Tommy reconcile, now we have to deal with them breaking up again? I can’t. I can’t handle the emotional roller coaster these two are on. Maybe I can get down with Tommy being so emotionally spent about unintentionally killing his child that he’s just so over anyone, including his brother, not believing in him. Let me explain.

Ghost likes to keep people in the dark. He will tell them just enough information to keep them thinking they’re a team. In actuality, he not only knows more than they do, but he’s plotting to do something with that information. He has a bit of a Daddy Knows Best complex. Case in point: Ruiz (Luis Antonio Ramos). Ruiz and Ghost have a plan. And Tommy isn’t a part of it. Why? Because ultimately, Ghost doesn’t trust Tommy. He doesn’t trust him enough to successfully complete a layered plan. Killing Lobos? Yes, that was simple enough. But this? Ghost tends to make executive decisions about what Tommy can and can’t handle. Some call it discernment. I call it disrespect. And so does Tommy.

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Greg (Andy Bean) thinks he’s using Ruiz to implicate Ghost. However, it’s the other way around. Ruiz agrees to wear a listening device during a drug meet with Milan. His task is to place Ghost aka Jamie in the conversation. However, as usual, Ghost knows about this, too. He asks Ruiz to keep him and Tommy’s name out of his mouth during that meet. This incentivizes Ruiz to comply because Jamie offers to help him rise in the ranks. Who wouldn’t want that? It’s been proven that Ghost gets things done. However, because Ghost mistrusts Tommy’s judgment, Tommy gets in his feelings and decides to kill Ruiz (after Tasha told him that Ruiz and Ghost were “up to something”). So, I guess Ghost was kind of right? Tommy has a history of acting without finding out what is going on. But then again, he’s still healing from killing Holly and the baby. His hot-headness is understandable, but it may cost him his life.

Ruiz was indeed wearing the listening device, and according to Greg, it has a 20 feet listening radius.  Tommy was chit chatting and up close and personal with Ruiz when he killed him. Tsk, tsk. When Ruiz’s body is found, the device will be discovered as well. How will Ghost protect his brother now?

The device will also seem to indicate that Tommy is Ghost, a notion that was laid to rest eons ago. Before Tommy stabs Ruiz he says, “This is Ghost doing this to you.” Uh-oh. This actually works in Jamie’s favor and will put him in the clear for good. Once he finds out that Tommy is plotting to kill him, I can guess that Jamie will be OK with Tommy going to prison for Ghost’s crimes. The two will always be brothers, but when one plots to kill the other, there’s no reconciliation for it. See: Cain and Abel.

Power Season 3 2016

Kanan (50 Cent) is the creep of the show. He is so hell bent on seeking revenge on Ghost that he digs himself deeper and deeper into a maniacal plan: turning Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) against Ghost, his father. Tariq, with encouragement from Kanan, steals a pair of sneakers from the store. Tariq has a bit of mischief in him, and Kanan is fostering it. How much of a deadbeat can Kanan be? He should be the poster boy for what NOT to become in life.

Because of Tariq’s disdain for his father, he looks to Kanan as that figure. He doesn’t understand that people are people. They make mistakes. His father has made many, but in a prior episode, he tried to make up for those mistakes. I guess Tariq isn’t completely convinced.  Ghost also seems to know more about what other people are doing than he does about his son.  He should be talking to his son more.  Relying on Dre (Rotimi) isn’t being a fully present Dad.  I do think Dre should tell Ghost, but he is between a rock and a hard place.  Kanan is so unstable that there’s a real possibility he could kill Dre’s baby daughter.  If he turns to Ghost for help, he needs a zipped-up plan.  There’s no telling what Kanan will do.

All in all, this episode was solid.  I understand why the writers decided to bring back the notion of killing Ghost.  It makes sense, but I am exhausted with it.  Ghost carries this show, so the idea that maybe he will get killed off is kind of ridiculous.  I am still intrigued to see where this goes.  I will focus more on the relationship between Ghost and Tommy to get me through this.

Season 3, Episode 9 (S03E09)
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