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Nobody is happy on this week.  Tasha is alone.  She sits in a ginormous condo sipping wine looking beautiful while her estranged husband, Ghost, and his new girlfriend, Angela, play host to their children in Angela’s tiny apartment.

Tommy is depressed. He has obviously never gotten this memo: “Don’t get high on your own supply.” He is spiraling out of control. He attempts to off Ghost but can’t do it.

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A melancholy Tommy sits on his window sill and opens up to Holly about what Lobos wants him to do but can’t do: to kill Ghost. He opens up more to her and reveals that her beloved dog, Belle, was killed by Lobos. Holly, with no hesitation, pulls out a gun, places it in his hand and tells him that he must kill Ghost. Tommy promises her that he will.

It’s obvious that Holly is Tommy’s Achilles heel.

Andre is impatient with Ghost. He pressures Ghost to be more open with him about the day-to-day operations of the club, but Ghost is very cautious about that. Ghost tasks Andre to lock in a popular DJ for the club, but he drops the ball. A rival club across the street steals the DJ. Andre suggests that they handle the club owners like they would in the streets. Ghost advises against that and assures him that he will make the right move at the right time when they don’t expect it. Andre listens, but as he’s said before, he is new to the legit life. I suspect that he will be a wild card throughout the series. Will he stick with his new life or revert back to his old ways? More importantly, how will his decision effect Ghost?

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Lobos is not getting what he wants: Ghost is not dead. We do not see Lobos in this episode, but he is all over it. Mike Sandoval, Angela’s colleague, is not only working to make it seem as though Lobos is dead, but he is doing Lobos’ bidding.  Cooper Saxe, another colleague of Angela and Sandoval, shows Sandoval the inmate responsible for stabbing Lobos in jail. Shortly after that reveal, the inmate was killed.

Although Lobos has threatened Tommy and Holly’s lives if Tommy does not kill Ghost, Ghost will not die. Lobos needs him alive even if he doesn’t realize it now. Also, Tommy has a strong emotional connection to Ghost. They are brothers. They may not be blood brothers, but they are brothers. Lastly, Ghost cannot die because this isn’t Game of Thrones.

Ghost is essential to the story line, so the idea of even talking about killing him seems silly because it just won’t happen. If the show wants a main character to die, then the next best thing would be Tommy.

As Tommy tries to get a hold of his emotions when confronting the idea of killing his brother, Holly intervenes. In the last scene of the episode, Tasha walks into Tommy’s apartment and says: “I hear you have a problem. Apparently, I can help?”

We all know that Tasha is the smart one. With an infinite number of years doing the accounting and general problem-solving for Ghost’s drug moves, she is the superhero of the bunch. I am just wondering what Holly’s angle is in asking her to come to their apartment since Tasha and Tommy had an intense lunch where Tommy dismissed her from his life. Whatever Holly has up her sleeve, Tasha is already 2 steps ahead of her. I am excited to see how this also plays out.

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Lastly, Ghost is unhappy. Very unhappy. He and Angela are playing each other for information. It’s unfortunate that they brought Ghost’s kids into this game. The children slept over Angela’s apartment, and she couldn’t have been more uncomfortable. Tasha told her: “You wanted him, you wanted them.” Angela actually doesn’t want Ghost. She wants Jamie. However, she has Ghost, and she will do whatever she needs in order to make her future case against him. That’s what we are all waiting for, right? Their feelings for each other were brilliantly captured when Ghost returns to Angela’s apartment, enters her bedroom, drinks dark liquor in his suit while he watches her asleep in the bed. And of course, she is not asleep. Her eyes peer open.

They can’t stand each other.

I hope the writers let go of the idea of killing Ghost very soon because it takes away from the seriousness of the show. Considering Tommy is another story, a better story.

Season 3, Episode 2 (S03E02)
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