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Ghost, the man in control of every situation, is in control of nothing. Milan is puppeteering him on a level that would make him a professor.  In Ghost’s drunken haze, I am sure he misses Lobos. Lobos had his mean streak, but at least when he delivered death sentences, he was charismatic.  Milan is definitely missing that trait.

As all men are gathered in club Truth, the Korean drug kingpin rejects the new drug: pills. One of Milan’s guys swiftly stabs him in the neck and Tommy asks whether anyone else has a problem with the new. Crickets.

Milan is acting like he sees potential in Tommy. He is filling his head with ideas that he could be the new “Milan”; that the easiest way to do this is to be free of all family and friends; and that exerting power over the crew will be the same as exerting power over Ghost. Tommy is in a vulnerable state of mind. I am not sure whether he is eating all this up or whether he is trying to find a way to get rid of Milan.

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I do know that he is still thinking about his beloved Holly. As Ghost enters his apartment, Tommy is listening to  “You Really Got a Hold on Me.”  He mouths the words as Ghost explains their next move. He also prematurely shoots one of Lobos’ guys. He gets upset at him mocking his and Holly’s sadness when their dog was murdered. Although Tommy is an emotional wreck, he is using his sadness productively. He is becoming a monster. And in their world, that works. He is finally stepping up to the plate, and I think that Milan should be careful about building Tommy up. He may just surprise him.

Milan seems to be everywhere. He pops up at LaKeisha’s hair salon, curious to know whether Ghost told Tasha who he really is. Of course, Tasha reveals that she knows everything. He inquires about what LaKeisha knows. Tasha explains that she knows nothing, and she hopes it remains that way. LaKeisha hears everything and confronts Tasha about it. Tasha begs her to take 500k to keep her mouth shut. She eventually does because it could mean losing her life. However, on a separate night, Tommy sneaks through the salon door, and we know what he is there to do. Poor LaKeisha. Unbeknownst to her, taking the money doesn’t matter. She’s always known that Tasha was in the drug game, and now it seems she’s become a casualty.

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This leads me to the realization that Tasha ain’t shit.  Tasha is only out for herself. She, along with most of the characters, seem to put the people they care about in dicey situations when they’re cornered. She expects loyalty and honesty when she doesn’t give it completely.  This applies to Ghost as well. He sees Greg Knox and Angela having a spat and then questions her about it later. Really, Ghost? You have the nerve to ask her whether they are dating again after you broke her heart? The nerve! I know that Ghost still loves her, and with love, comes jealousy (maybe). However, he must treat her with some unselfish respect.

Come to find out, Angela and Greg decide to knock boots again, but it’s so that Angela can save her and Ghost’s butts. She shows Greg footage of Ghost’s alibi, and she gets emotional seeing him with his wife, Tasha. Greg caresses her, and they get it on. I figured that Angela was only playing him, but I wasn’t expecting him to be doing the same to her. He seems so doe-eyed when she talks and weeps, but when she gets up to shower, he texts the lead investigator, Messina, and says that he believes Angela and Ghost are behind Lobos’ murder.  Not only that, but he believes he can nail them both. Wow! Apparently, Greg is so scorned, that no sex will wipe his mind from wanting the death penalty for Angela and Ghost.  There isn’t much background on Greg, but it seems like Angela is the first woman to ever break his heart.  He needs to get over it fast. Otherwise, he will be cut down by Ghost permanently.

Ah. The best part of this episode is Kanan. Dre, poor Dre. He is stuck between Ghost and Kanan. Kanan has proved that he is willing to kill his own child, so no one has a chance to survive his wrath. Dre has become like a big brother to Tariq, Ghost’s son. He picks him up after school and even shoots hoops with him. Kanan gets wind of this and develops a friendly bond with Tariq, explaining how he and Ghost met. The creepiest scene is when Tariq sits on a couch watching TV and Kanan, with black gloves, points a gun at his head. I was sure that Kanan was going to pull the trigger. Why wouldn’t he? He wants to hurt Ghost in the worst way. However, he doesn’t because Tariq ends up revealing that he really hates his dad. I think Kanan will try to use Tariq to turn against his father.

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When Dre finds out, he needs to tell Ghost immediately. If he doesn’t, Ghost will have no problem terminating both him and Kanan. I have to admit I am looking forward to the day Kanan gets his just due. It’s about time.

Season 3, Episode 8 (S03E08)
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