Primetime Emmys 2017: Where to Stream This Year’s Nominated Episodes


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Fall television has arrived! While we’re all excited to see what new shows networks have made for us, it’s also time to look back at the past year and the shows that are competing for the golden statues at this year’s Emmy Awards. The cast and creatives of regular series don’t simply compete with an entire season however, they pick what they believe are their standout moments.

What’s really interesting about television and the internet is we can watch these moments they submitted, but not all of them are even viewable! I’m sure many will assume they can watch everything on Netflix, and most of it you can, but in this new age of “stacking rights” where networks want to maintain ownership of streaming rights, fewer things are making their way to your favorite streaming sites.

Here’s where to stream all the (available) Emmy-nominated episodes. The awards will be handed out Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.




We’ll attack the obvious option first. Any series that is an original series from Netflix can be found there. The only other series with their Emmy nominated episode available on the streaming giant is How to Get Away with Murder. That’s it. See the complete list of Emmy nominated episodes to see on the site below.

“The Dinner Party,” “First Date,” “, I Love You,” “Religion,” “Thanksgiving,” and “The Thief”

“Kimmy Gets Divorced,” “Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades,” “Kimmy is a Feminist,” “Kimmy Does a Puzzle,” “Kimmy Pulls Off a Heist,” and “Kimmy Googles the Internet”

THE CROWN (Best Drama Series)
“Wolferton Splash,” “Hyde Park Corner,” Smoke and Mirrors,” “Gelignite,” “Assassins,” and “Gloriana”

HOUSE OF CARDS (Best Drama Series)
“Chapter 53,” “Chapter 55,” “Chapter 56,” ” Chapter 63,” “Chapter 64,” and “Chapter 65”

STRANGER THINGS (Best Drama Series)
“The Vanishing of Will Byers,” “The Weirdo on Maple Street,” “Holly, Jolly,” “The Body,” “The Bathtub,” and “The Upside Down”

Jane Fonda (Best Actress in a )
Grace and Frankie, “The Pot”

Ellie Kemper (Best Actress in a )
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “Kimmy Goes to College”

Lily Tomlin (Best Actress in a )
Grace and Frankie, “The Burglary”

Aziz Ansari (Best Actor in a )
Master of None, “The Dinner Party”

Viola Davis (Best Actress in a Drama)
How to Get Away with Murder, “Wes”

Claire Foy (Best Actress in a Drama)
The Crown, “Assassins”

Robin Wright (Best Actress in a Drama)
House of Cards, Chapter 65

Kevin Spacey (Best Actor in a Drama)
House of Cards, “Chapter 53”

Tituss Burgess (Best Supporting Actor in a Series)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades”

Uzo Aduba (Best Supporting Actress in a Drama)
Orange is the New Black, “People Persons”

Millie Bobby Brown (Best Supporting Actress in a Drama)
Stranger Things, “The Bathtub”

David Harbour (Best Supporting Actor in a Drama)
Stranger Things, “The Upside Down”

Michael Kelly (Best Supporting Actor in a Drama)
House of Cards, “Chapter 64”

John Lithgow (Best Supporting Actor in a Drama)
The Crown, “Assassins”


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is great for checking out shows you haven’t seen yet, same as you would on Hulu and Netflix. Like Hulu, there are channel add-ons that will give you access to shows like Homeland and Shameless from Showtime. It’s one of the few places you can catch all the seasons of The Americans from FX but the most recently season is only available for purchase, so in the end, Amazon Prime is in the same spot as Netflix with only their original series available for viewing with a subscription.

Jeffrey Tambor (Best Actor in a )
Transparent, “Elizah”

Kathryn Hahn (Best Supporting Actress in a )
Transparent, “Life Sucks and Then You Die”

Judith Light (Best Supporting Actress in a
Transparent, “Exciting and New”


Handmaid's Tale

Hulu and Showtime

If you don’t have Netflix or Amazon Prime, Hulu is a good way to go. In addition to having their breakout hit The Handmaid’s Tale, Hulu Plus subscribers also have access to shows like This is Us and Saturday Night Live. You can also use your cable logins to add access to Showtime series Homeland and Shameless. And if you’ve some how missed the fantastic, dry comedy series Better Things, the first season is available as well.

“Offred,” “Birth Day,” “Late,” “Jezebels,” “The Bridge,” and “Night”

Pamela Adlon (Best Actress in a )
Better Things, “Future Fever”

Elisabeth Moss (Best Actress in a Drama)
The Handmaid’s Tale, “Night”

Ann Dowd (Best Supporting Actress in a Drama)
The Handmaid’s Tale, “Offred”

Samira Wiley (Best Supporting Actress in a Drama)
The Handmaid’s Tale, “Night”

William H. Macy (Best Actor in a )
Shameless, “You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?”

Liev Schreiber (Best Actor in a Drama)
Ray Donovan, “Rattus Rattus”

Mandy Patinkin (Best Supporting Actor in a Drama)
Homeland, “America First”




Thankfully, keeps every episode of every series on their app and website at all times. So as long as you are a cable or Go subscriber, you are free to marathon every Emmy moment of nominated series Silicon ValleyVeep, and Westworld. And also check out Insecure, because it’s crazy that it didn’t nab a spot in major series and acting categories.

“Customer Service,” “Hooli-Con,” “The Keenan Vortex,” “Server Error,” “Success Failure,” and “Terms of Service”

VEEP (Best )
“Blurb,” “Georgia,” “Groundbreaking,” “Justice,” “Omaha,” and “A Woman First”Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep, “Groundbreaking”

WESTWORLD (Best Drama)
“The Bicameral Mind,” “Chestnut,” “The Original,” “Trace Decay,” “Trompe L’Oeil,” and “The Well-Tempered Clavier”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Best Actress in a )
Veep, “Groundbreaking”

Evan Rachel Wood (Best Actress in a Drama)
Westworld, “The Bicameral Mind”

Thandie Newton (Best Actress in a Drama)
Westworld, “Trace Decay”

Anthony Hopkins (Best Actor in a Drama)
Westworld, “Trompe L’Oeil”

Anna Chlumsky (Best Supporting Actress in a )
Veep, “Groundbreaking”

Tony Hale (Best Supporting Actress in a )
Veep, “Judge”

Matt Walsh (Best Supporting Actor in a )
Veep, “Chicklet”

Jeffrey Wright (Best Supporting Actor in a Drama)
Westworld, “The Well-Tempered Clavier”



The Networks

The general rule of thumb for network shows is that if it airs on one of the big 5 networks you can probably watch it on their site. With NBC series you can do this with most episodes of This is Us and Saturday Night Live but most are only available if you already have a cable login. You can also watch on Hulu if you have a subscription and same with Seeso (for a little bit longer) for episodes of SNL. CBS is on top of things with Allison Janney’s Emmy-nominated episode of Mom available online, but ABC is hit-and-miss with some episodes of black-ish available and none for Modern Family.

“Being Bow-Racial,” “40 Acres and a Vote,” “God,” “Lemons,” “Name Game,” and “One Angry Man”

THIS IS US (Best Drama)
“The Big Day,” “Jack Pearson’s Son,” “Memphis,” “Moonshadow,” “Pilgrim Rick,” and “Pilot”

Allison Janney (Best Actress in a )
Mom, “Tush Push and Some Radishes”

Tracee Ellis Ross (Best Actress in a )
Black-ish, “Being Bow-Racial”

Sterling K. Brown (Best Actor in a Drama)
This is Us, “Memphis”

Milo Ventimiglia (Best Actor in a Drama)
This is Us, “Moonshadow”

Kate McKinnon (Best Supporting Actress in a )
Saturday Night Live, “Host: Dave Chapelle”

Leslie Jones (Best Supporting Actress in a )
Saturday Night Live, “Host: Tom Hanks”

Vanessa Bayer (Best Supporting Actress in a )
Saturday Night Live, “Host: Dwayne Johnson”

Alec Baldwin (Best Supporting Actor in a )
Saturday Night Live, “Host: Melissa McCarthy”

Chrissy Metz (Best Supporting Actress in a Drama)
This is Us, “Pilot”

Ron Cephas Jones (Best Supporting Actor in a Drama)
This is Us, “Memphis”

the americans

Nowhere to be Found

It’s incredibly surprising that there are so many Emmy nominated episodes that are nominated that you can’t watch ahead of the awards ceremony. ABC has a few episodes of black-ish available to view, but not “Lemons” which is what landed the show’s star, Anthony Anderson, a nomination for Best Actor in a . Also, critically acclaimed series Better Call Saul and Baskets, which have a strong fanbase but not the viewing numbers to match, are also unavailable though you can watch previous seasons on Netflix. The Americans is available on Amazon Prime, but the most recent season (which is what was nominated in acting categories) is only available to purchase. Most surprising, FX’s breakout hit Atlanta is also not available on FX, Hulu, or Netflix. If you really want to watch these, you’ll have to spend extra money to buy or rent them from an online streamer like Amazon, as they’re not available on any currently.

“Chicanery,” “Fall,” “Lantern,” “Mabel,” “Off Brand,” and “Witness”

Anthony Anderson (Best Actor in a )
Black-ish, “Lemons”

Donald Glover (Best Actor in a )
Atlanta, “The Big Bang”

Zach Galifianakis (Best Actor in a )
Baskets, “Freaks”

Keri Russell (Best Actress in a Drama)
The Americans, “Dyatkovo”AP – Matthew Rhys, The Americans, “Crossbreed”

Matthew Rhys (Best Actor in a Drama)
The Americans, “Crossbreed”

Louie Anderson (Best Supporting Actor in a )
Baskets, “Denver”

Ty Burrell (Best Supporting Actor in a )
Modern Family, “Grab It”

Bob Odenkirk (Best Actor in a Drama)
Better Call Saul, “Expenses”

Jonathan Banks (Best Actor in a Drama)
Better Call Saul, “Witness”

When discussions arise of why people aren’t watching awards shows, the issue is often that the nominees are not projects that viewers watch. Wouldn’t it behoove networks to make sure their nominated episodes are available to all, not just voters, even if it’s just for a weekend? We’re here to celebrate great television, let’s celebrate it and let new viewers discover the great shows they’re missing out on so they can be just as invested as Hollywood.

Emily J | Managing Editor

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