QUEEN OF THE SOUTH Review: “Un Alma. Un Mapa. Dos Futuros.”


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is all plot momentum in “Un Alma. Un Mapa. Dos Futuros.” We’ve spent several episodes getting comfortable with the players, now we can enjoy mixing them together in scenes. Vargas fires the opening shots of war at Camila’s business. They aren’t playing the same game. He wants to hurt her, teach her a lesson. She wants his business and would rather just destroy him. This gives her a stronger position and in war, position is crucial.

Cesar reports everything he learned and about Camila on his trip to Dallas. He confesses she tried to turn him against Vargas. Epifanio knows she’s dangerous, he has twenty-five years experience dealing with her. He assumes Camila counted on Cesar telling Vargas everything. Cesar wants to take aggressive action against Camila’s Dallas trade. Aggression is his nature. Vargas is cautious about any action that might hurt his election bid. He decides to call off all shipments to Camila. Cesar sees his future with Vargas headed exactly as Camila predicted. For now, he stays loyal, but Camila has made him think.

Camila contacts her Columbian distributor, Reynaldo, to expedite his next shipment. Reynaldo agrees, he is smitten with Camila. One of the great things about her character is she understands how and when to deploy all her weapons, whether human assets, like James and Teresa, or character assets, like her quick charm. Vargas also contacts Reynaldo and asks him to cut off his shipments to Camila. We’ll see how this plays out next week.

Brenda is angry to hear Teresa works for Camila. She knows the Cartel wants her dead for witnessing the murder of her husband. While Teresa is away on business with James, Brenda gets hungry and steps out for some food. She spots an ineffective drug dealer trying to sell by the side of the highway. Brenda shows him how to drive sales. They go to a local club where she moves all his product in no time. This could be an innocent step to earn some dinner money but it feels like Brenda just wants back in the business. She’s been running for a while, now she wants to drop anchor and make more deliberate choices. This could put Brenda on an interesting path of competition with Teresa. There is another big dealer in Dallas besides Camila.

James has plans for his future. Camila’s main Dallas rival has a henchman named Eric Watson enforcing their business. He wants to be ready when the time comes to fight Watson and sets a kill box for him at his estate. He takes Camila along so she can learn more about their world, but she doesn’t want to kill anyone in the first place. Then, she is shocked when Watson kills a man right in front of James’ surveillance and they do nothing to stop it. James schools her, this is her world now. Teresa may not like it, but she knows its true.

In the next few episodes, we should see Teresa face her challenges in this world. I’m sure we’ll see her kill. First, it will be someone she doesn’t know. Then, it will be someone she doesn’t care about. Finally, she’ll have to stick the fork in someone close. That’s what we expect from this kind of criminal journey. Those are just some of the stops marked on her map.

Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)
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