RACHEL III – Danielle Evenson & Heather Huntington (Launch Pad)

The Launch Pad Pilot Competition Presents…
Logline: When eccentric, back-brace wearing loner Rachel realizes she’ll never win over the cool kids on her own, she schemes to take over the student council and force them to love her, even if a few accidents needs to happen to those running against her.
Pitch: EASY A meets ELECTION
Writer: &
Genre: |
Why to Read: A brilliantly inventive and comically charming reimagining of Shakespeare’s Richard III. With an eccentrically original, and cleverly comedic anti-heroine lead at the forefront, this series delivers a delightful spin on a classic, while consistently standing on its own. Seamlessly authentic, yet exquisitely over-the-top, this show captures the best aspects of projects like Scream Queens or Juno and brings to life the sex-crazed, pop culture addicted social media world of today’s high school with such command, that you’d think this writer was currently in high school themselves. Providing a fast, fun, and engaging read, this show will immediately connect with its target audience, and has the breakout potential of becoming the show of a generation that offers plenty of and scandalously intriguing drama to last for seasons to come.

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