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This week on , Ray reluctantly takes a from Hector Campos, handling a twisted romance with his half sister Marisol. Abby weighs her options with breast cancer and Mickie is unwilling dragged back into Detective Muncie’s custody.

As Marisol prepares to spill the dirt on Hector on live , right before his big fight, Hector makes a last desperate plea to Ray for help. Ray initially refuses the case, but is won over by their similar history; like Ray, Hector was sexually abused by a priest as a child. It’s a reality that will continue to guide Ray’s fears and motivations for the rest of his life, though with Hector there’s an even darker twist – he was also sexually abused by Marisol.

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Ray takes the case, playing the “bad cop” to Hector’s two as he kidnaps Marisol before the interview. Marisol is a cool customer, despite her tumultuous history with Hector. Meanwhile, Bunchie’s pregnant wife Teresa complains about the lack of sex in their relationship and Abby and Terry deal with a purse snatcher.

Stashing a pretty profane Marisol with Lena at the office, Ray heads off to handle his latest headache: Muncie has Mickey in custody and ready to talk. Ray offers her an even bigger prize, mobster Ivan Belikov, if she agrees to let Mickey go. Ray snatches an unsuspecting Belikov from a sauna and convinces Avi to unearth the guns they used in the Minassian massacre. Planting Belikov’s fingerprints on them, he delivers the package, with an almost-guaranteed conviction.

All of this is working great for Ray, but not so great for Father Romero. “You need to come to confession,” he insists, leaving a big “or else” hanging in the air. One can’t help but wonder, when it comes to the troubled souls Romero counsels on a daily basis, if he has a breaking point.

After failing to recover Abby’s purse, Abby and Terry file a police report as Terry broods over his worsening Parkinson’s symptoms. Abby gives Bunchie some relationship advice in a pretty hilarious scene and takes him to buy a sex toy for Teresa. At the store, she is reminded of her own personal crisis, whether or not to do a mastectomy before her cancer worsens.

Bunchie fights a man who was flirting with Teresa, only to realize with embarrassment that it was her cousin. However, Teresa is touched by his efforts and their fledgling marriage lives to see another day. Terry gets a little personal victory when he recovers Abby purse, then in a surprising gesture, gives the young thief his premium ticket to Hector Campos’ boxing match.

Ray puts Mickey on a bus to nowhere, perhaps sending Jon Voight’s fan favorite character off the show for good? But Mickey is already planning his next target, a horseshoe filled with cash at the Primm casino where he used to work. Old habits die really, really hard.

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Marisol reluctantly reads a prepared statement in support of her brother, but escapes Ray’s custody by jumping out of his moving car. “You, me, my brother, we’re all the same,” she says, eliciting a confident smirk from Ray. “I don’t see it.”

A number of storylines were set up in this episode, with Mickey’s freedom being the only payoff so far. Hector and Marisol’s drama is just beginning and it is clear that Ray will only be able to control Marisol for so long. As always, family life is strained. He tries to rebuild his relationship with his daughter but is unaware of his wife’s fatal diagnosis. Ray’s trek towards the light is real, but his guilt is tangible when Romero calls him out for falling away. Surrounded by the smaller crises of Bunchie’s marriage and Terry’s Parkinson’s disease, Ray Donovan will have a lot more than celebrity scandals to fix this season.




Season 4, Episode 2 (S04E02)
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