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This week finds in a bit of a lull, as Ray turns his focus to the personal crises of his son Connor and Hector Campos. Meanwhile, Bunchie and Mickey hit the road when they learn that Teresa is in trouble.

Last week’s return of “The Texan” brought up old memories for Ray, and after the dust settles he decides to visit his former counterpart in the hospital. Wounded and ikely dying, The Texan reveals that he handled the darker aspects of Ezra Goldstein’s fixer business back in the day, sparing Ray from the gory details. But while he is open with Ray, he insists on keeping his past hidden from his daughter Julia. Ray agrees to play along.

Mickey is released from prison and reunited with Ray. Back at the Donovan home, a lighthearted moment between Connor, Ray and Abby comes to an abrupt end when Ray learns that Connor used a stolen gun to prank a neighbor.

Episode 408

Mickey makes plans to return to Primm, dropping by Fite Club to say his hellos and goodbyes. He finds a devastated Bunchie, fresh off the news that Teresa has been placed in a mental hospital. Mickey suggests they join forces in order to win back their respective lady loves.

Connor gets a scary taste of some Ray Donovan discipline on the streets of Skid Row. After winning over his reluctant son, Ray races back to the gym to deal with a familiar crisis: Marisol on live boasting about a romantic relationship with her brother, Hector Campos. The scandal brings additional problems for Terry, who asks Ray for help when Campos is dropped from an upcoming fight at Fite Club.

Lena catches Stu Feldman looking at porn, an incident which Ray uses as leverage to get Stu to call up his pal, Hector’s manager, who set up the fight. Daryll is on Team Ray Donovan this week down Campos’ replacement, Joxy Maguire, at a local pub.

Terry bonds with Hector at the gym, over drinks, a lot of drinks. We learn that Terry had an alcohol problem in Boston, which prompted Ray to drag him out to Los Angeles for a new start. Abby picks up a sullen Connor from Fite Club and takes him to a shooting range, in order to make up for Ray’s overbearing approach. In a moment of understanding, Abby finally tells Connor that she has cancer.

In Bakersfield, Bunchie confronts Teresa’s brother Marco and discovers she has a history of mental illness. In a pretty sweet vote of confidence, Bunchie insists that he won’t give up on Teresa.

Episode 408

Meanwhile, Ray forces Stu to secretly record his golf outing with Hector’s manager, which produces some rather incriminating sound bites. However, blackmail is not enough to convince him to reinstate Hector’s fight, so it’s time for plan B. Or technically, plan D, as Daryll attacks and wounds Maguire in a back alley.

This week ends in another set of wins for Ray. Terry and Hector get their fight back on, Mickey gets out of prison and Teresa, for better or worse, gets out of the asylum. There is one loss though, The Texan, who passes away at the hospital. Ray keeps his promise by emptying Ezra’s safe and destroying any evidence of The Texan’s past life, but he can’t quite comfort Julia, who knows both he and her father were hiding something. Julia’s knowing accusation suggest we haven’t seen, or heard, the last of her.

Season 4, Episode 8 (S04E08)
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