Red Hot Spec “Canary Black” Moves Into New Territories with Interested Producers (EXCLUSIVE)


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The thrilling spec from writer is moving into several new territories to start on the project. It has swiftly captured the attention of numerous producers, now interested in attaching themselves to what will potentially be an action film of the highest caliber.

In the , an elite CIA agent is forced to commit treason in order to pay the ransom for her husband’s life who has been kidnapped in Prague.

As both a vehicle for a female-led film, which is becoming increasingly in demand in Hollywood, and a with exciting set pieces, intrigue, suspense, and action sequences, the demand for this project will likely only get more and more heated as the week unfolds.

Kennedy has had previous success with specs. His most recent before this, Inheritance, is currently set up with Richard Barton Lewis and Gaby Jerou of Southpaw Entertainment and out to talent and . He was also a finalist in this year’s Launch Pad Pilot Competition with The Devil’s Broker.

He is repped by  of and  of Morris Yorn.

We can confirm that Canary Black is into the following territories:

Legendary Pictures




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