Relativity Studios to Remake Oscar-Winning Western “High Noon”



With the upcoming release of Antoine Fuqua’s The Magnificent Seven, it looks like Hollywood may be on the verge of a Western remake renaissance. The next iconic title poised for a reboot is the four-time Oscar winner HIGH NOON. Relativity Studios recently landed the rights to the 1952 classic and is developing it for the big screen.

This marks the first big move for the studio since rising from the ashes of bankruptcy earlier this year. The original pic centered on retiring sheriff Will Kane (Gary cooper), who vows to stand alone to protect his small town when he learns that a vicious local criminal has been released from prison and is coming back to seek his revenge. Grace Kelly also starred as Kane’s wife, Amy. The film made use of the ticking-clock timeline, a thrilling storytelling device that would later become an iconic fixture in Westerns and pop culture.

The remake is set to be a modernized version and will be set in the present day along the cartel-controlled U.S.-Mexico border. The project is on high priority and are quickly looking to attach a writer and director.

Newly minted Relativity president Dana Brunetti negotiated directly with Karen Kramer, the widow of the original High Noon producer Stanley Kramer, to secure the rights. Kramer is set to produce alongside Stephen S. Jaffe. Brunetti will serve as executive producer with Relativity’s co-CEO Ryan Kavanaugh.


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This news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


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