Remind Yourself to Read UTA’s Hot Spec “Before We Forget,” Described as “The Fugitive” With a Female Lead


Aliens20th Century Fox

and SGC are out with a hot new spec titled , an elevated action-thriller in the vein of The Fugitive or a Jason Bourne movie, but with a female lead.

The script hails from the writing team of and , who previously wrote the Black List script The Civilian, which sold to Millennium in a splashy deal in 2014. They also sold a genre spec to CBS Films in 2016.

Before We Forget involves a cataclysmic event that erases humanity’s memories. When a woman wakes up with no memory of her young daughter, she uses her maternal instincts and clues that she left for herself to find her child amid the chaos.

The idea of an amnesiac protagonist who leaves themselves clues reminds me of Memento, but my understand is that this script isn’t quite as heady, and is much more action-oriented and thus, significantly more commercial.

The script is currently out to producers, several of whom have expressed strong interest in coming aboard to package the project with talent, though territories have yet to be assigned. As always, we’ll do our best to keep you posted…

[Editor’s Note: I used an image from Aliens instead of The Fugitive in order to convey the mother-daughter aspect of the script as well as its chaotic world, even though Ripley isn’t Newt’s mother, nor are there any aliens in Before We Forget… as far as I know.]

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