Rick Famuyiwa to Direct Vigilante Superhero Film “Past Midnight” for Netflix with Keanu Reeves in Talks


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Just days after the announcement that Dope director was going to adapt Charles Burns’ Black Hole graphic novel into a film for Plan B, it’s being reported that he will also direct a vigilante superhero film called  for . The movie is even being produced by Marvel mainstays and , who are finishing up Avengers Infinity War for its late April release.

Written by , the plot details are being kept hidden, but they’re hoping to get John Wick star to headline the film, most likely after he finishes filming John Wick 3.

won the rights for the film in a bidding war with Fixman having already sold a number of recent film projects to other studios, including One Night on the Hudson to Universal, which Seth Gordon will direct, reuniting with his Horrible Bosses stars Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day. Fixman also sold The Lost to New Line and 21 Laps, and Gargoyles to Disney with Lauren Schuler Donner producing, and has been involved with Sony Animation’s Popeye movie and various projects for Hasbro.

Famuyiwa wrote and directed The WoodBrown SugarOur Family Wedding as well as the Sundance fave Dope. More recently, he directed the pilot of Showtime’s The Chi and the HBO film Confirmation.

Famuyiwa and Fixman are both represented by with Famuyiwa also with and . Fixman is also repped by  and .

The news was initially reported by Deadline.

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