Ridley Scott Delivers with Terrifying Scenes from “Alien: Covenant”


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Before revealing a handful of scenes from , director Ridley Scott said one thing: “My goal remains the same, to scare the shit out of you.” Well, based on the scenes shown at tonight, it seems like he’s going to succeed once more.

Set after the events of Prometheus and before the original Alien films, Covenant follows the crew of the colony ship Covenant as they find a remote paradise island — as well as the monstrous creatures from the first Alien films. At the Paramount theater, Scott introduced three scenes from the upcoming film (no spoilers):

  1. The first scene shows the Covenant crew discovering the planet and jettisoning off an away team to the planet’s surface, including Walter (Michael Fassbender), a synthetic android, and Daniels (Katherine Waterston), while some crew members, including Tennessee (Danny McBride), stay behind on the Covenant. The away team hits some turbulence on the way down and the scene also shows the crew’s camaraderie.
  2. The second scene is where things started to get scary — very scary. The away team is rushing back to their ship, with two in the lead, one of whom has been badly injured and ill. As he’s taken to the med bay, a moment with a twist on Alien’s chestburster scene happens (there’s a brief shot of this in the trailer) and then everything gets so much worse. It’s truly a terrifying sequence, but also exhilarating, if the audience’s cheers were anything to go by. The rest of the away team, still somewhat behind, makes their way to the aircraft while all of this is happening, only to reveal one of their group’s crewmembers is sick as well.
  3. David (Fassbender), the android from the Prometheus mission, shows Oram (Billy Crudup), Covenant‘s first mate, his alien experiments and things quickly get sinister from there.

Finally, the audience was also treated to a commercial of the creation of Walter as well as a redband version of the Covenant trailer.

The energy was electric in the theater, especially as actors Waterston, McBridge, and Fassbender made their way on stage with Scott to discuss the film. Where fans were split on Prometheus, it seems Covenant might succeed in being better received across the board. It has an excellent cast and premise and the tone of the film seems perfect for this horrifying sci-fi franchise.

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