RIGGS Vs. JACK BAUER as the pair join Gerard Depardieu and Thomas Jane in new Crime Caper!


Finally, the world has what they’ve been asking for… and in one explosive action packed film! Ok, so maybe the world has not been looking for these two together (I still have) and maybe the film isn’t exactly “explosive” (though it is still an actioner), but the duo will nonetheless star together, and alongside Gerard Depardieu and Thomas Jane, in the upcoming action/thriller .

The film, which centers on a low-level thief who thinks he’s gotten away with the crime of the century by stealing a rare coin, but who quickly discovers that he’s not only stolen from a French gangster, but that the coin is actually being fought for between the Frenchman, and American and European gangsters, is set for a July 2011 start.

Gibson, who most recently received a very welcoming standing ovation at the 2011 Cannes Festival for his starring role in Jodie Foster’s film “Beaver”, is on pace for a quick return to the spotlight, as he’s now being rumored to have three big offers in, as Hollywood sees him as a potential safe bet once again. Look for details on the three to begin to spill later this week as Cannes wraps up.



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