RLJE Picks Up Nicolas Cage Thriller “Mandy” After Midnight Premiere at Sundance


Mandy Review

One of the films that seemed very odd that it hadn’t sold out of Sundance yet was Panos Cosmatos’  starring Nicolas Cage, which Tracking Board’s Chief Critic Drew McWeeny mostly liked, as did other critics.

has picked up the rights to Cosmatos’ film with plans to release it theatrically sometime during the summer.

In the film, Cage plays Red Miller and Andrea Riseborough plays Mandy Bloom, a loving couple whose town is destroyed by sadistic cult leader Jeremiah Sand, played by Linus Roche, sending Red on a violent journey to get revenge.

Mandy was produced by SpectreVision, XYZ Films, and Umedia and financed by the latter with Piccadilly Pictures and Wallimage. The late Johann Johannsson composed the score.

I personally haven’t seen Mandy, but I was a fan of Cosmatos’ earlier film Beyond the Black Rainbow, and if Mandy is as out there as that film, and it allows Nicolas Cage to give one of his crazier performances, it’s going to do well for , who has released other midnight favorites like Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99, both from filmmaker S. Craig Zahler.

I generally trust Drew on genre films, but Mandy also has 22 positive reviews on RottenTomatoes so far.

The deal was negotiated by RLJE Chief Acquisitions Officer Mark Ward with RLJE’s Jess De Leo and XYZ’s Nate Bolotin representing the filmmakers.

“The best reviewed movie at Sundance is also one of Cage’s most extraordinary performances, reinvigorating our love and appreciation of him,” said Ward in a prepared statement. “Panos’ is a truly visionary filmmaker and we are beyond excited to unleash to the masses.”

You can also read the Tracking Board’s Sundance 2018 Sales Sheet with all the Sundance premiers that have received distribution.

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