Robin Rose Singer’s THE LIONS OF MESOPOTAMIA Becomes the Second TB Recommends of 2019


The Launch Pad is excited to announce that Robin Rose Singer has joined the exclusive list of TB Recommends writers with her true story sports drama THE LIONS OF MESOPOTAMIA.

The script is based on the true story of the Iraqi National Football Team’s attempts to qualify for the World Cup in 1994 under the repressive regime of Saddam Hussein. Parallel storylines follow both a regular family in Baghdad as they deal with the upheaval of the times and the hope that comes from the transcendent experience of national sports, and the young soccer players enduring terrible treatment and inhumane training practices as the tyrannical government presses them to succeed. Through it all, the script paints a wide-ranging and thoughtful portrait of an Iraq that few Western audiences will ever have been exposed to.

Our readers highlighted the script not only for its remarkable true story, but also its nuanced and well-researched portrayal of Iraqi history and culture. The upstairs-downstairs approach of showing not only the famous soccer players and their difficult quest for glory, but also one family’s intimate relationship to the game, effortlessly paints a complete and emotionally moving picture of a time period, a country, and a sport. Mixing the coming-of-age aspects of THE KITE RUNNER with the politically charged sports drama of INVICTUS or REMEMBER THE TITANS, this script balances excitement, tension, emotion and character with ease.

Robin Rose Singer is a Brooklyn-based writer, director and producer. Her first short film as a writer/producer, sci-fi drama “Aphasia,” made its world premiere in 2015 at Tribeca Film Festival and was called “one of the most provocative films of TFF” by Film Ink magazine. As a writer, she was a fellow at the New York Stage and Film Screenwriting Lab, and her original pilot, “Maturity,” a half-hour comedy about a senior living facility in the Bronx, won the first-ever Made in NY: Series production grant. She has been shortlisted for honors including: Top 50 for the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, the Showtime/Tony Cox award at the Nantucket Film Festival, San Francisco Film Society’s Hearst Grant, and the Sundance Screenwriting Lab. Singer also works as a freelance commercial director, creating content for global brands and constantly pushing to innovate, reinvent, and inspire. She is an NYU alumna and is repped by Nick Terry of Zero Gravity Management.

For those unfamiliar, the Tracking Board’s script coverage program not only offers professional unbiased feedback, but we are also always on the lookout for exceptional voices like Singer. When a script receives a “Recommend” from our readers, we recognize the project through the Tracking Board Recommends program, and share it with the industry. All scripts that receive a “Recommend” through the coverage service are announced on The Tracking Board website, forums, and feeds, and are shared with our industry partners directly, allowing their script to be seen as the next big thing to the thousands of industry professionals who follow The Tracking Board.

Since the launch of the TB Recommends programs, 25 of the 26 writers previously honored have gone on to gain representation via our referral, with agency and management companies such as UTA, WME, CAA, Paradigm, ESA, Lit Entertainment Group, Circle of Confusion, Energy Entertainment, Anonymous Content, Good Fear Film + Management, Lee Stobby Entertainment and Fourth Wall Management amongst others. Ten of these writers have already even seen their TBR scripts set up at companies such as Warner Bros., Paramount, Scott Free, Vertigo Entertainment, Michael De Luca Productions, Sonar Entertainment, Platform One, and 20th Century Fox.

Singer will also be joining our exclusive TB Alumni family, which includes our TB Recommend writers and the finalists of our Launch Pad competitions. With over 415 writers signed and 150 projects set up, this ever-expanding club of excellent talent is now even stronger with the addition of Singer and THE LIONS OF MESOPOTAMIA.




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