{RUMOR} Channing Tatum Wants Superhero Status in “X-Men”



We’re hearing rumors that “Magic Mike” might become Marvel superhero Gambit. has met with “” producers to talk about bringing the comic book character back to the big screen. In the comic books, Gambit is part of the team, first appearing in 1990 in “Uncanny ” #266. He can mentally create, control and manipulate kinetic energy to conform to his every whim. He is also incredibly skilled in card-throwing and hand-to-hand combat, though his weapon of choice is a bō. Gambit first appeared in “ Origins: Wolverine,” played by Taylor Kitsch, also known as Tim Riggins on “Friday Night Lights.”

Apparently, Gambit is Tatum’s favorite character, particularly because they both hail from the South. We’re also hearing that producer Bryan Singer would like to include a role for Gambit in the upcoming “: Apocalypse” with a possible Gambit spin-off after that. It sounds like Tatum could be just what Gambit needs to become an staple.

We told you a few weeks ago that Marvel was looking to expand its horizons and give more minor comic book characters their own spin-off films. (Read the article here.) They certainly aren’t wasting any time and with a big name like Tatum ready to sign on, expect to hear a lot more about a Gambit solo project soon.

Tatum’s break out role was as novice dancer Tyler Gage in “Step Up” which catapulted him to fame, leading to roles in “White House Down,” “21 Jump Street” and, of course, “Magic Mike.” He’s reprising his roles for “22 Jump Street” and “Magic Mike XXL.”

The next film in the franchise, “: Days of Future Past,” will be released next month with “: Apocalypse” set to come out two years after that.

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  1. Okay this is not a new story and is badly reported.

    Last year there was a lot of coverage of Tatum expressing interest in the role on video during press tour interviews for White House Down.

    Also- and more importantly – Marvel has very limited involvement in the X-Men movies, they are really controlled by Fox and so are effectively in competition with Marvel (Disney). So Marvel’s spin-off plans are irrelevant to all this. Lauren Shuler-Donner is one of the producers of these movies for Fox and she has previously expressed an interest in working with Tatum as Gambit.

    But right now it seems that Bryan Singer is really the one who controls these movies and he has – as far as I know – not expressed an opinion yet about casting Channing Tatum as Gambit. THAT would be news, but it has not happened yet. So far all he has said is that he may use the character in the next movie.

    Incidentally most fans seem to think that Tatum is actually unsuited to the role. Taylor Kitsch fits the guys physical appearance better and though he played him in an awful movie, he is not a bad actor at all.

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