{Rumor} Chiwetel Ejiofor To Bring Some Weighted Gravitas To “Star Wars”?


By: James Silverwolfe

For every day that the Earth continues to spin we shall be treated to another rumor until the day it hits theaters. For this one make sure to set your mind noodles to “accept everything you hear as fact” mode.

could be in talks for a role in the new trilogy. You see, he was in JJ Abrams’ offices when a british reporter came a knockin’. And that’s as far as the ‘proof’ goes. When asked if he was there for SW reasons Abrams told the reporter every single thing that’s going to happen and how awesome the movie will be right down to the last details, before promptly erasing his brain as is Abrams’ way. He’s a cruel mastermind that Abrams. The only thing he let the reporter remember was this: “I can’t discuss casting. But he’s a very talented gentleman.”

Using my trusty Coy Abramsspeak Translation Algorithm* I’ve determined that what he actually means is that Ejiofor will star in the movie because he’s awesome and I so badly want my movie to be awesome. So there you have it. Fact.

Ejiofor can be seen now in the outstanding Steve McQueen film “12 Years a Slave.” He’ll next appear in “A Season in the Congo” and “Z for Zachariah.”

He is repped by .

Source: Badass Digest via Bleeding Cool

*Rumor + (Slap Face x Wishful Thinking) – Mystery Box Misinformation + Making it Up



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