{RUMOR} Could Jared Leto Be the Next “Doctor Strange?”


by: Sammy Mink

is that could be hanging up his heels and donning a cape for . The rumor is that Leto is being considered to star in the superhero action flick about a former neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange, who loses his ability to operate after a terrible accident. Despondent and suicidal, Dr. Strange seeks advice from a mystical being known as the Ancient One and learns that he is the newly designated Sorceror Supreme, responsible for protecting the planet from evil. With his girlfriend Clea and his loyal assistant Wong in tow, Strange sets out to fulfill his destiny. This rumor follows on the heels of the announcement that “Sinister” director Scott Derrickson will be at the helm of this particular Marvel project.

Of course, rumors have surrounded this project from the get-go. First we heard that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in the running. Then it was Justin Theroux, Adrian Brody, and Mads Mikkelsen. Most recently, Johnny Depp was allegedly being considered for the role. Remember that “Sesame Street” song “One of These Things Is Not Like The Others?” Does Leto really fit into the mold Marvel is trying to set? He’s not exactly known for blockbuster franchises. But then again, neither was Gordon-Levitt until “The Dark Knight Rises.” Either way, one things for sure: he’s going to have to cut his long locks for the role.

Leto is known for his roles in indie projects like “Fight Club,” “American Psycho,” and “Requiem for a Dream.” More recently, he’s garnered attention and acclaim for his Oscar winning role as transgender HIV victim Rayon in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

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