{Rumor} “Fantastic Four” Is Still In The Testing Phase


By: James Silverwolfe

Last October we learned the reboot was testing several actors, and not much has changed since then. Well, that’s not true lots has changed since then. The one constant is that Joshua Trank (“Chronicle”) will still direct and that we don’t know much about the new take on the property. Writers have been added and names have dropped, so here’s your update.

was rumored to play the Human Torch aka Johnny Storm and that seems to have been upgraded to attachment. Jordan made a big splash in “Fruitvale Station” and can be seen currently in “That Awkward Moment.” He will next appear in “Triple Nine” and “Creed.” He is repped by .

Allison Williams, Saoirse Ronan, (“American Horror Story”, “House of Cards”) and Margot Robbie were all previously rumored to be testing for the role of the Invisible Woman. Williams, Ronan and Robbie have either been dropped or never tested as only Mara remains in the mix. She’s also joined by a new contender, (“Shameless”). Mara and Rossum are repped by and ICM respectively.

(“That Awkward Moment”, “The Spectacular Now”) has dropped several hints that he’s in the running for Mr. Fantastic and that appears to still be the case. He is repped by .

And finally for the role of Ben Grimm, Josh Gad was previously mentioned (which the director denied) but it seems Christian Cook (“Romeo and Juliet”) is now the name in running. He is repped by .

Simon Kinberg is the last writer to turn in a draft that he will produce alongside Matthew Vaughn, Akiva Goldsman and Gregory Goodman.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



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