{RUMOR} Frozone Might Be Back For “Incredibles 2”



Ten years (yes, 10!) after the original “Incredibles” movie, is finally in the works and could be bringing back some of the original faces (well, voices). The details of the film are being kept quiet but I think it’s safe to assume it’ll be about the Parr family and their superhero shenanigans.

We’re hearing that director would be willing to come back on board for the sequel, especially as he’s already working on the script for the film. As soon as he finishes his Pixar live action adventure “Tomorrowland,” hopefully we’ll hear the good news confirmed.

And according to , Bird is excited to incorporate Jackson’s Frozone into the new script. Frozone, aka Lucius Best, has the ability to freeze water or moisture in the air. He wears special goggles (ala Jordie from Star Trek) to protect his eyes and his secret identity.

Even though Jackson’s known for his brash (and profanity-ridden) characters, he was hilarious the first time around as Frozone. Hopefully this time he can find his super suit in time to save the world!

Either way, we’ll be waiting a while… isn’t set to hit theaters until 2019!

Jackson is repped by ICM and .



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