{Rumor} Sam Raimi Might, Possibly, Maybe Continue The Saga of Ash Against The “Army Of Darkness”



According to Latino Review, has been “confirmed” to direct EVIL DEAD 4 aka ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 aka NO THIS ISN’T LIKE GHOSTBUSTERS 3 THIS IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING… MAYBE. Except it’s not really a confirmation at all. Fede Alvarez, the director of the “Evil Dead” remake, basically told a fan he wouldn’t be directing it, but that Raimi would. The way it’s phrased could just mean, “no way would I do that, it’s Raimi’s baby”, but the internet seems to have gone with, “oh snap he’s totally going to do it!”

Bare in mind that the movie itself is not even really officially happening. Yet. Sure, Bruce Campbell says he’s on board and Robert Tapert says he’ll produce it, but as far as we know the script hasn’t gone pass throwing darts at the idea board. Raimi himself is also suspiciously quiet on the project, giving everyone who’s predisposed to fall for ‘mystery boxes’ and conspiracy theories a chance to let their imagination go wild.

Now, having said all of that, please oh please let it happen anyway. I just want more “Drag Me To Hell” Raimi instead of more “Oz the Great and Powerful” Raimi.’ Hell, I’d even settle for half in, half out “Spiderman 3” Raimi.

Source: Latino Review via Twitter


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