Russian Model-Actress Gia Skova Making Directorial Debut With Action Movie “The Serpent”


Gia Skova The Serpent

Russian actress/model is preparing to wrap principal photography on her directorial debut , which is an action movie that is expected to be ready for release in 2018.

Skova wrote the script, in which she plays a secret agent for the CIA — codenamed The Serpent — who discovers she’s being manipulated by her own agency, forcing her to escape its watchful eye long enough to head to China in order to unravel a major international conspiracy.

Skova also produced the film with Pavel Skovorodin and Jared Safier, the latter of whom has won three Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on the digital drama series The Bay.

I’ve known Skova for several years now, and found her to be as passionate and determined as any indie filmmaker I’ve met. The industry has often dismissed her as little more than a pretty face, but this is one model who happens to be a natural storyteller, even as she continues to develop her command of the English language. She’s also resilient, having come from nothing to become an international celebrity with numerous magazine covers and fashion shoots under her belt.

Gia Skova The Serpent

Female-driven action movies are nothing new, but it’s rare that those films are actually directed by women, let alone by first-time female filmmakers. Skova knew she was in for a challenge with The Serpent, but she also knew it would be a valuable learning experience for her as a director, so she didn’t shy away from the technical side of the , such as shooting with anamorphic lenses.

In addition to writing, directing, producing and starring in The Serpent, Skova also insisted on doing her own stunts, so that’s really her kicking ass onscreen, not a stunt double.

“As the director and star of this film, it has been quite an adventure. There are so many things to handle, and from the day I started this, it was never easy. But I see this as the beginning of a great adventure, because I have many great stories to tell,” said Skova.

Tzi Ma (24, Arrival) co-stars in The Serpent alongside Travis Aaron Wade (Supernatural), Craig Conway (Doomsday), Jason Scott Jenkins (American Story) Nigel Vonas (Arrow), Kelton Jones, Nathan J. Kress and Big Brother winner Jason Burrill. Check out the trailer below.

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