Ryan Phillippe And Rachelle Lefevre Will “Reclaim” Their Baby



The cast of Alan White’s has just gotten a slew of talented names. , , , and have all jumped aboard the thriller film.

The follows a young couple who to Haiti so they can finalize the adoption process for their new baby. After a heated altercation with a local, their baby mysteriously vanishes and the couple set out to find it. Phillippe and Lefevre are starring as the husband and wife. Cusack is playing the shady local who Phillippe runs in to. There’s no word on who Weaver and Guzman will be playing.

White is helming from a originally penned by Carmine Gaeta. “Candy” scribe Luke Davies wrote the most current draft. Fredrik Malmberg, Silvio Muraglia, Ian Sutherland, Robert Luketic, Gary Hamilton, Mike Gabrawy and Brian and Josh Etting are producing. Carlos Vazquez is executive producing, while Viki Marras and Jesica Andres serve as associate .

Cusack was most recently seen in Scott Walker’s “The Frozen Ground”, Shane Salerno’s “Salinger” and Eugenio Mira’s “Grand Piano.” He’ll next be seen in David Grovic’s “Motel”, David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars” and Alejandro Agresti’s “Dictablanda”, which he also is and producing. Weaver most recently appeared in Peter Landesman’s “Parkland” and Chan-Wook Park’s “Stoker.” She’ll next be seen in Marjane Satrapi’s “The Voices” and Arthur Allan Seidelman’s “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks.” Phillippe was most recently seen in Chadd Harbold’s “Revenge for Jolly!” and James Cox’s “Straight A’s.” He’ll next be , producing and helming “Found” for Lucid Film and “Chained” for Twisted Pictures. Lefevre was last seen in Nancy Savard’s “Sarila” and Roland Emmerich’s “White House Down.” She’ll star next in “Homefront” alongside Jason Statham and James Franco. Guzman most recently appeared in Rawson Marshall Thurber’s “We’re the Millers” and David Soren’s “Turbo.” He’ll next be in Rachid Bouchareb’s “Enemy Way” and Scott Sanders’ “Aztec Warrior”, which he is exec producing.

Cusack is repped by . Weaver is repped by ICM. Phillippe and Lefevre are repped by . Guzman is repped by Gersh.

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