SACI Pitch Revs Into the Weekend with Multiple Offers In & More on the Way


The red hot pitch from Pumpkinhead reboot writer has the town abuzz going into the weekend, as multiple offers are reportedly already in, with more anticipated as the day continues.

The project, already into a number of financiers, is set to be produced by , and centers on the Latin American folk tale of SACi, the ghost of an Afro-Brazilian slave who ripped off his leg to free himself from his shackles and has now become the embodiment of rage of the oppressed. We’re hearing multiple offers have made their way in, and the list of those already hearing the pitch include homes like Bad Robot, Appian Way, Braden Aftergood and Temple Hill, amongst others.

Aside from the Pumpkinhead reboot, Atkins has also previously written the Donnie Darko sequel S. Darko, as well as the Netflix original A Christmas Prince.

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