Sandra Bullock Steals The Male Lead In All-Female “Ocean’s 11”


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is set to take point in the next installment of Ocean’s Eleven, leading a new, all-female team of thieves. will direct the heist flick.

The project is currently in and appears to have been for some time. Ocean’s producer concocted the concept with the original trilogy’s star, , and director, . Weintraub passed away this summer, potentially halting the , but screenwriter continued a draft which was recently turned in to .

Bullock’s latest film, Our Brand Is Crisis, was famously written for Clooney to star but swapped to a female when Bullock showed interest in the role. With a desire for a new installment in the Ocean’s franchise, it looks like Bullock will be taking on a new role with a new team, replacing Clooney’s part as the leader, Danny Ocean. Plot details are being kept under wraps so it is unclear if Bullock is guiding a sequel, reboot, or spinoff.

This film continues a new female-centric trend in Hollywood, with 80s comedy Ghostbusters currently filming a new installment with an all-female cast. (The new Ocean’s film also walks right into a joke that was made by stand-up comedian John Mulaney. In his special New In Town he jokingly declared that a female Ocean’s movie would never work. You can watch the clip below to see his reasoning.)

Ross is currently filming The Free State Of Jones with Matthew McConaughey and previously wrote and directed The Hunger Games. 

Bullock and Ross are both repped by .


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