Sarah Paulson to Play Nurse Ratched for Ryan Murphy in Netflix’s “Cuckoo’s Nest” Prequel Series


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will play a younger version of Nurse Ratched, the villain from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, in a new series for and Netflix, Tracking Board has confirmed.

New writer Evan Romansky wrote the script on spec and got it to Ryan, who then worked to secure the rights to the character, according to Deadline.

Netflix landed the project and has given it a two-season, 18-episode straight-to-series order. Michael Douglas, who produced the original Cuckoo’s Nest film starring Jack Nicholson, is also on board as an executive alongside Murphy.

The series will track Paulson’s Ratched character from her origins as a nurse into a murderous tyrant who rules over Salem State Mental Hospital with ruthlessness.

Louise Fletcher won the Best Actress Oscar in 1975 for her portrayal of the character that originated in Ken Kesey’s 1962 book of the same name.

Aleen Keshishian, Margaret Riley and Jacob Bernstein of Lighthouse Media will also executive produce the new series. Romansky will co-executive produce and Paulson will also serve as a along with Paul Zaentz.

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