Scarlett Johansson Knows You’re All Thinking About “Her”


By: James Silverwolfe

has joined the cast of well into its post- phase. She’ll be replacing Samantha Morton who was on set for the whole shoot in what is apparently a voice only role. She wasn’t working in the edit and Johansson was brought in as a better fit. The project follows a lonely writer who purchases a newly released operating system designed to fulfill the users needs. Over time the writer and operating system begin a serious relationship. Johansson will be that operating system. Lucky!

Spike Jonze directed and cowrote the script with Rick Howard. Vince Landay, Megan Ellison (a savior of cinema!) and Ted Schipper produced.

Johnsson was last seen in “Hitchcock” and “The Avengers” and will next appear in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Don Jon” and whatever else she damn pleases no doubt.

She is repped by .

Source: Vulture



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