Sci-Fi Movie Written By AI And Starring Thomas Middleditch Is Bizarrely Entertaining (Things We Love)



Everyone seems to be buzzing about the short film titled Sunspring starring Silicon Valley‘s Thomas Middleditch. The short centers on H (Middleditch), H2 (Elisabeth Gray), and C (Humphrey Ker) and their relationship with each other… and that’s pretty much all I can tell you because the plot makes no sense at all. You might think that this is a avant garde sc-fi flick that only obnoxious cinephiles would adore because of its cryptic nature. Opposite of that, you might think this a B-movie that prides itself on bad dialogue and low budget flair. I would call it a combination of both, but Sunspring is actually a movie written entirely by an AI who decided to name itself Benjamin.

Directed by Oscar Sharp, Sunspring is the result of training AI to write a sci-fi screenplay. There’s a lot of complicated technology involved, but in the end, good ol’ Benny popped out this nonsensical piece of work for our entertainment. I’m sure someone considers this a work of genius, but to me it’s just weird…and incredibly enjoyable.




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