“Scorpion” Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman and Justin Lin Robin Hood Drama Lands Put Pilot at CBS


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CBS has given a put pilot commitment to A BURGLAR’S GUIDE TO THE CITY, a one-hour drama from Scorpion executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Justin Lin, and Heather Kadin and co-executive producer Paul Grellong. Lin is also attached to direct the pilot.

The series, scripted by Grellong, is based on the book by Geoff Manaugh which centers on a team of modern-day Robin Hoods, led by a brilliant architect with a troubled past. The team uses their unique skills to gain access to any stronghold in order to steal from rich criminals and give to those who have been wronged by a corrupt system.

Manaugh’s book encompasses nearly 2,000 years of heists and tunnel jobs, break-ins and escapes, and offers an unexpected blueprint to the criminal possibilities in the world all around us. At the core of his writing, Manaugh examines the way that a building transforms when seen through the eyes of someone hoping to break into it.

In addition to Scorpion and Burglar’s Guide, Lin has also landed a pilot commitment for S.W.A.T., a drama based on the 2003 movie. Kurtzman is the executive producer of the Star Trek: Discovery series on CBS and is also directing The Mummy reboot at Universal while overseeing the launch of the studio’s monster-movie franchise reboot. Burglar’s Guide is the third sale for Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout shingle this season, following the CIA procedural Dr. Death with Alan Cumming and a character-based investigative procedural co-produced by Katie Couric.

Lin is repped by and .
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