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Scream Queens

 ‘ Chad Radwell is on a cold slab in the morgue and Chanel is letting out mourning wails while perfectly outfitted in a Jackie Kennedy outfit, not her wedding dress—something that is pointed out and explained, in case you missed the reference. Chanel’s mourns are super annoying and it is requested that her screams stop but the most upsetting part about Chad being dead means that the most amusing part of the show will no longer exist and there will be no more creepy locker room interactions with Dr. Brock to look forward to.


FBI Denise calls for the room to be emptied so that she can investigate the scene but its apparently really so that she can let out her own screams for the loss of Chad, her occasional lover and apparent love of her life. While she’s busy ranting and raving she comes up with a plan to dress as Mrs. Chad Radwell on Halloween to catch the killer—which involves borrowing the super slim Chanel’s mullet gown—and amazingly it fits, which is another discussion and point of humor later in the episode. It’s nice that the writers point these things out because they totally bug me in most shows when we’re supposed to not notice things like the huge size difference between women—for the record, I liked the dress better on Denise, although I think it’s kind of cheap looking for someone marrying someone as wealthy as Chad reportedly is.

Finding the killer means involving Hester and of course Hester wants something in return—like attending the party she says they have to hold to hunt down the killer. Hester eventually gets her wish and is approved for early release but not before she warns that massacres tend to occur in the hospital on Halloween. In this case, they’ll occur before the party even starts.

In one of the storyline’s famously ridiculous and unbelievable subplot storylines, we have the reading of Chad’s will. It seems that Chad’s family was on the way to stop him from marrying Chanel and they died in a fiery plane crash, leaving Chad the surviving Radwell and inheriting everything. Because Chad is dead, Chanel assumes that it will go to her, his wife, although she never actually tied the knot because his corpse appeared on the altar. For whatever reason, on the day he died, he called his lawyer to have all his money and possessions left to Dr. Dean Munch, prompting Chanel to do a dramatic slow motion attack on the lawyer delivering the news.

Throughout the episode, there are references to Chanel-o-Ween, the Halloween plotline from last season, which involves Chanel sending gruesome gifts to her grateful fans. I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now—I can’t tell if fat ugly people are being mocked or mean girls. Maybe both? In light of this year’s activities and Chanel’s lack of financial means it seems unbelievable that she’d be able to afford to send packages via mail or travel to them in person and there’s no clever answer for this lack of logic from the writers. It also means that various parts of the episode are subject to a cranky Chanel narration technique that really doesn’t add any insight or further the plot.

Chanel is understandably distressed at the loss of her anticipated fortune so Dr. Brock gives her an exam and a dose of colloidal silver. Apparently, the solution is tampered with, or so he claims, transforming Chanel into Smurfette, a look she rocks for the rest of the episode, with and without the white hat. She’ll probably be looking smurfy next week as well.

As the always hilarious Denise is decorating for the upcoming Halloween party, she runs into the “giant booger” that is The Green Meanie. As she goes about ducking the villain, Denise continues to narrate and rant about bringing down last season’s Red Devil and her recent FBI training—which hasn’t made her aim with a gun any better but has convinced her to release Hester for the night, complete with an ankle bracelet and Mike Myers mask and the promise to reveal the killer’s identity once the party is over.

Dr. Brock promises to find a cure for Chanel, once he’s finished with his errands and other menial tasks but the scene is funny because Stamos has become really good at making crazy eyes. It’s enough to make Chanel want to leave the hospital but Dr. Dean Munch insists she stay in order to catch the killer. As Chanel prepares for her big walkout she comes across someone in an Ivanka Trump costume—it’s really Hester but Chanel thinks it’s Little Miss Sunshine Chanel because her Trump costume is missing and so Chanel threatens to kill the reviled Chanel minion if she appears at the party.


As for the other costumes, they are all jokes on pop culture and politics, as we can expect: Dean Munch is Hamilton from the popular Broadway show, Dr. Brock is a bloody mess aka the script of Batman vs. Superman, Zayday is Isis, the Egyptian goddess, not that ISIS. Amidst the reveal, a whole lot of Hamiltons and other costumed people come in because they’re really sick and hallucinating after bobbing for apples at a Halloween party. The party people will turn out to the be case of the week for the hospital staff as Dr. Brock things they have ergot poisoning from the apples but Zayday realizes they’ve ingested a harmless hallucinogen that has been used to taint the bobbing water and then realizes that if a killer has used a harmless substance then it must be a distraction from the real murders to come. In this case, it looks like Ryan Murphy is following through on a promise to kill off major characters. Last week was Chad—who makes one final appearance through a Ouija board and takes over Denise’s body (a la Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost). It’s a great final scene for the character that actually enhances the show and he’s on the brink of revealing his killer in the most annoying way possible when Zayday interrupts with the emergency situation that has unfolded at the party

Meanwhile, it turns out that Little Miss Sunshine Chanel doesn’t know the difference between Ivana Trump and Ivanka Trump and is actually dressed as The Donald’s first wife, not his daughter. She’s busy rattling off political jokes at Ivanka (who is Hester) while the Green Meanie creeps up behind her and stabs her in the back before both killers wander off. It looks like this Chanel will be this episode’s loss but once we’re back from commercial, she’s busy screaming on the floor and asking for help when Denise wanders into the scene and this time is unable to fend off the attack from the Green Meanie who is busy electrocuting the clueless security guard as she gives her family health history.

So as the episode ends, Chanel appears to be alive but injured while Denise has finally been silenced…maybe we’ll find out her fate next week when Kirstie Alley returns.

Although I hate the annoying obviousness of the show, this week’s episode was more fun and thus more enjoyable than usual.


Season 2, Episode 4 (S02E04)
Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9PM on FOX

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