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Scream Queens

When this week’s episode of  opens, the narration is done from Brock’s point of view and the focus is on his murderous hand. Once again, viewers get a recap about Brock’s hand’s psychopathic former owner, who has a voice of its own, courtesy of Don Rickles. When Brock is tired and stressed, he can’t control his hand, so the hand takes advantage by keeping him awake at night via slapstick slaps and other means. Brock is already stressed enough trying to get it on with Chanel and is also now facing pressure to do a super risky surgery, courtesy of Munsch’s quest for revenge.


Chanel shows up for a date at Brock’s house and Brock has duct taped his hand to his leg in an effort to make it behave and be less murderous. For her part, Chanel looks like she is wearing a sexier version of every little girl’s fantasy dress of pink and purple and plenty of tulle. Needless to say, the hand gets a little too close for comfort, ruining the date but not without plenty of dramatic, lengthy speeches and whines from Chanel mingled with slightly witty remarks about dinner.

Undoubtedly one of the best and most overlooked scenes of the show, possibly for both seasons, is the karate montage of Cascade on the edge of the swamp. The music is epic, the moves amazing and the homage to Karate Kid’s evil bad guys is completely awesome. So of course, Earmuffs Chanel has to interrupt with her own plan and diagnosis for Cascade’s belief that he is dead. After a series of ridiculous tests, Earmuffs Chanel ultimately discovers that he suffers from the belief that he is dead, furthered by an unusually low body temperature caused by sleeping on a water bed, but he is actually alive and well. She also discovers that he is likely the Green Meanie because he also has psychopathic tendencies and those of a serial killer.


Back at the hospital, this week there are two patients of the week, with very different fates from previous patients. The first patient, who causes Brock so much stress, is an actress familiar to How to Get Away with Murder fans. She apparently has two sets of arms and legs, all of which are fully functional. The mutant limbs turn out to be the result of a parasitic twin and are causing her heart to work overtime. Munsch wants Brock to remove the extra limbs and give her a new heart, all while a journalist observes the miracle procedure. Conveniently, the heart is coming from the recent victim of the Green Meanie, who is mostly dead, but not completely—the last of the new Chanel pledges. It’s all part of Munsch’s plan for revenge because she’s mad at Brock for wanting to get with young Chanel despite her own vast years of experience. I suppose it’s nice to portray elder sex on mainstream , but it’s still disturbing to hear her very graphic commentary about her lady bits–although she delivers the lines amazingly well.

The other patient of the week is in constant pain and horribly disfigured. Cascade diagnoses him as having come into contact with a poison used by Russians. After many twists and turns, it seems that the man has actually been harming himself to get away from his clingy girlfriend. There is a lot of confusion and bizarre dialogue before the truth comes out and somehow it inspires Cascade to conress to being the Green Meanie and loving Chanel Earmuffs and Earmuffs Chanel to confessing that she knows that he is the Green Meanie but won’t be turning him in because she loves him too. I suppose that it is meant to be shocking that the girlfriend of a serial killer that knows her boyfriend is a serial killer wouldn’t turn him, but that does seem be par for the course of a serial killer’s love .

Dean Munsch is continuing to pile on the pressure for Brock, bringing in a journalist to witness his miracle surgery of limb removal and heart transplant. Eventually, he does it with his hand literally tied behind his back to prevent homicidal tendencies and manages to calm down enough to use both hands after Chanel asks what his favorite childhood song is, leading to an operating room full of nonmedical professionals without masks singing 99 Red Balloons. It’s completely ludicrous and a great segue into the final scenes of the episode which show the journalist catching on the hospital’s outrageous shenanigans and recording them, even as the Green Meanie stabs him in the brain. It’s unclear which Green Meanie does the stabbing, but Cascade does let it slip that he’s not the only one running around killing people. Dean Munsch could be on the suspect list, given how convenient she finds it to have nearly dead victims. Speaking of possible suspects, Zayday and her new partner were not in the episode, but hopefully are still on the case as this episode was a little off track from finding out the real killer.

And now there’s a new killer to watch out for: the hand. Cascade offers Brock a spare hand from the male parasite twin because it’s not homicidal, which means that the killer hand is bent on killing Chanel more than ever—even notes about it while Brock sleeps.

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