Screen Gems Buys Spec Script About Police Violence Caught on Body Camera


Screen Gems Police Body Cams

Police violence is a serious issue in America these days, and officers have been forced to wear body cameras to keep them honest and record encounters as they happen. It’s those very body cameras that are at the center of a timely spec script by that just sold to Screen Gems.

Originally shopped under the title of Exposure, the now-untitled project follows a rookie African-American female cop whose body cam records her fellow Detroit police officers murdering several drug dealers. Her colleagues hunt her down in order to destroy the incriminating footage, while the dealers’ gang comes after her too, demanding answers.

The premise reminds me of Strange Days, in which a woman records the murder of a prominent rapper at the hands of two LAPD officers, who spend the rest of the film hunting her and the footage. That film was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, whose latest release, Detroit, also examined police violence.

(Joe Lynch’s upcoming Mayhem) will produce the movie under his Royal Viking Entertainment banner, while Screen Gems executive Eric Paquette will oversee the project on behalf of the studio.

Dowling’s thriller spec Highrise is currently in development at Fox 2000, and he’s developing several TV projects, including the Eddie Izzard pilot Union Jack at Sonar, and an untitled Dorian Gray series at ABC International. He’s represented by , while Sorensen is repped by .

Deadline broke the news of the spec sale to Screen Gems.

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