“Sense8” Season 2 is a War For Survival For the Octet of Connected Characters (VIDEO)



In the new trailer for Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s Netflix series SENSE8, we are re-introduced to the cluster of eight characters from different parts of the world who are mentally connected by a violent vision. The drama, which premiered in 2015, continues with season two as we learn that the senses of the core eight are evolving, but there are dark forces are hunting them down.

There’s something unifying and positive about the new trailer for the second season. For one, the entire series focuses on diverse people from all over the world connected, bonding, and working together for the greater good. Yeah, it’s very “Kumbaya,” but that mentality is needed in our current social climate. Second, the mood-altering uplifting orchestra music stirs up some feelings that aim to inspire and goes with the “fighting for survival” theme which seems to be the focus of season 2. But above all, we get to see our fave octet of diverse characters possibly engage in another steamy hot tub scene, get emotional, and kick some ass!

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