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kicks it up a notch with the Fall of Man. This is episode is all about secrets and revelations and the pressures those things add to relationships. We’ve seen some of Woz’s secrets play out. This week centers on the havoc created by skeletons Santos’s closet.


Zepeda may have found the real killer guilty of the murder that sent him away.

We’ve heard a lot about Miguel Zepeda, the big bad that used to abuse on Santos. Woz helped her frame him for murder years ago and now there’s a chance he may be released early. Zepeda has been Cristina for years, but now he reaches out to Santos. She’s curious about his case reopening and goes top see him. This is the first real look we get of this guy and he doesn’t seem so bad; maybe prison softened him. Maybe he was never so bad to begin with.

Zepeda heard of another convict released recently, Frank Kovach, who did time for domestic assault. Kovach had been bragging to his cellmates about killing a young woman and getting away with it. Zepeda believes this is the same woman he was convicted of murdering. He always felt his investigation and trial were rigged. Santos is the only person he trusts enough to check out the Kovach story.

Santos knows Zepeda didn’t kill the woman in question, her and Woz set him up. Now she feels responsible for allowing an abusive murderer to run free on the streets of . She tells Woz about Kovach but he tells her to leave it alone. He is also a big part of the cover up that sent Zepeda to prison; he doesn’t want anyone else digging into the case. Plus, he’s more concerned about dealing with the rat on their team.

Saperstein’s little secret causes him big trouble.

Woz is positive Saperstein is the FBI informant. Santos tries to defend Saperstein, but he hasn’t been telling the truth on his duty logs either. His secret is pretty innocent; he’s been sneaking off to learn Portuguese to impress a woman. Woz promises to handle Saperstein himself, and he does in the end.

Santos can’t live with a big question mark over Kovach. She grabs Saperstein and the two of them head out in secret to interview him. She lies to Saperstein and tells him it’s an errand for Woz. Kovach doesn’t want to answer any of Santos’s questions; he pistol whips her and escapes. Saperstein tells Santos, Woz called and wants them to wait for him at Kovach’s house. Santos reports the to Stahl. She is sure Woz will kill Saperstein when he arrives. Stahl and Chen act quickly and pick up Saperstein for his own safety. Stahl does his best but Saperstein won’t give up the rest of the crew. He escapes Stahl’s custody, which earns him a federal arrest warrant. Now every cop in is looking for him.

Cristina and Loman both deal with fallout from dark secrets.

Internal Affairs officially clears Loman in the Malcolm shooting and publishes the results in the paper, along with his photo. Malcolm’s cousins don’t take the news well, any relationship he was building with Erika and J.J. shatters.

Cristina finds one of the letters Zepeda wrote her from prison. It doesn’t line up with the lies Harlee told her about her father. Santos tries to explain that Zepeda isn’t the real father even though he’s convinced he is. She also lets Cristina see Zepeda’s file of abuse against her. Cristina’s a smart kid, she can tell there is more to the story but doesn’t push.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

Woz kills two birds with one stone… almost.

Kovach kidnaps his son, Brian, from school. Tufo him and arranges to trade some money and a clean get away car for Brian. They set up the exchange at a stalled construction where Kovach’s new girlfriend works. Kovach heads to the site and goes to the fourth level (uncompleted) where he is supposed top meet Woz. Saperstein also rushes to the site to explain himself to Woz in person; he thinks their are compromised.

Kovach accepts the car and cash but refuses to give up the boy. Saperstein arrives and attacks Kovach. Brian runs to safety. Woz doesn’t help Saperstein fight Kovach, he watches, hoping Saperstein loses. Eventually, Saperstein prevails, so Woz throws him off the fourth floor. Then, Woz shoots Kovach with Saperstein’s gun. Santos arrives a moment too late, but she suspects what happened.

Woz claims there was nothing he could do. Saperstein shot Kovach and they went over the edge together. Here’s the wrinkle. Saperstein is still alive. The only question is, will he gain consciousness soon enough to explain what happened, or will Woz kill him. How doesn’t he at this point? Also, where is Mendez now? We know Woz had him sexually assaulted and dumped in Philadelphia last week, but the guy still has a legit business in . Plenty of drama waiting to blow up next week.


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