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Tweetable Takeaway: Tess’s marriage is ending, Saperstein has a secret Brazilian email girlfriend, and Woz has a secret IA boyfriend in @nbcshadesofblue.

peels back some Woz layers in False Face, False Heart, and the FBI puts pressure on Santos and Stahl to deliver actionable evidence against Woz immediately. It turns out; Woz had a daughter of his own. She’s gone now, most likely by her own hand, but he misses her and the world that might have been if maybe he made a few different decisions. His wife gives him a more adult out and tells him, “Daughters make mistakes, father’s forgive.”

The FBI compels Santos to deliver on their schedule

An FBI team drops in on the Santos home unannounced. She tells Cristina she’s consulting, like extra credit, but doesn’t want Woz to know; he thinks she works too much already. They take her to Gail Baker’s office. Gail remembers Woz as a good cop when she worked in NYPD. Santos reminds her she is still a good cop. Gail threatens to arrest Santos on the spot for not bringing in any evidence on Woz. Stahl arrives in time to beck for his boss to give them another chance.

Shades Of Blue - Season 1

Santos meets with Woz and asks him about the big project he mentioned to her. “Juilliard money,” the way he put it. He tells her not to worry about that or the mole, they have more urgent problems with Zepeda, her ex, petitioning to re-open his case. Woz suggests she kitten up to the new ADA Nava and get him invested in the case. Santos worries her frame will fall apart and land her in jail. She asks Woz to take care of Cristina if anything ever happens to her. Woz tells her as long as he can get to court and testify, Zepeda will stay in jail and Cristina will never learn abusive Zepeda is her father. That’s some compelling motivation to keep him alive and free.

Unfortunately, the lack of reveal about the big score doesn’t help her FBI mandate. She tells Stahl that Woz keeps a black book with names and addresses locked up in his personal office safe and there should be some actionable leads. Stahl wants it immediately; he only has 24 hours to turn in something fruitful. She makes it into his files, but gets cold feet. Then ADA Nava arrives. She turns on the charm and tells her she can help him go through the files. He likes her and accepts the help. She admits she has a personal connection to the Zepeda case, but doesn’t give him any details.

Woz can tell Santos went through his files, but doesn’t see that she took anything. She admits she needed to photo copy a few files for Nava that were missing. Later, Woz drops by Nava’s office to verify the “files” story but Nava tells him he has everything. Woz can no longer rule Santos out as the mole.

Loman feels the relentless grip of guilt.

Santos finds Loman filling out paperwork to turn in his defective firearm. She checks it out and shows him there’s nothing wrong with it. He’s been driving through Malcolm’s neighborhood, the kid he shot. The family is raising money for the services. Santos tells Loman to get his shit together, it’s time to move on. Instead, he goes back to the car wash to donate money and meets Malcolm’s cousin and beautiful mother. He ends up taking them out for pizza. They like him and say he would have liked Malcolm but he never admits he was the cop that pulled the trigger.

Tess worries about selling her house.

Tess calls Espada to her house in a panic. She found a body, moved it, and needs Espada to help her get rid of it. She is ready to sell and doesn’t want the discovery of a body/homicide to destroy her open house. Tess stresses about selling her home and the break up of her marriage with Joe. She still loves him. Santos tells her she has a big heart, and Espada helps with the body. At fist it seems like a simple gang hit, but it isn’t.

Espada finds a NYU student ID on the boy. Amir Abas was the son of a Mosque owner which was the recent target of a hate crime. Santos wants to give the evidence to the FBI to keep them off her back for a while instead of Woz’s black book. She meets Tess at her house to investigate the scene. They find a plastic gun; it looks like Abas killed himself by accident when he was target shooting and got hit by ricochet.

Woz follows Santos to Tess’s house.

Shades Of Blue - Season 1

He sees Santos and Tess investigating the yard, but doesn’t know why. Then he spots Stahl and Chen in his rear view. He figures they were following him. He takes off, loses them and heads straight over to IA Donnie Pomp’s hotel room. He confesses to Donnie that he is now convinced Santos is the mole. Then, he kisses Donnie and they make love.

Espada does some detecting. Abas doesn’t seem like the kind of student that would know how to print a 3D gun in his dorm, but his roommate looks like he might have the necessary skills. Santos and Espada check out the kid’s dorm room. They find a 3-D printer and a drawer full of plastic guns. When Abas’s roommate returns, Santos cuffs him to the bed. This is something she can hand over to Stahl.  Tess makes an anonymous call about a body floating in the river. Amir Abas is taken to the morgue for his parents to ID.

Woz calls Santos, as she’s heading out to dinner with Nava, and tells her to meet him at the marina. She arrives for the dinner date at a nice restaurant, but Stahl interrupts and forces Santos to wear a wire when she goes to meet with Woz.  At the marina, Woz pulls on gun on Santos. He tells her he knows she’s been lying to him and explains her “tell”; she of brushes her hair over her ear when she lies. She claims the hair thing is habit but admits to lying about looking through his files. Santos covers by saying she was trying to look at Loman’s psyche eval because she suspects he’s losing his nerve. Woz looks for a wire on her but doesn’t find it. He lets her go and head over to his favorite well to drown in whiskey.

Santos grabs the dinner Cristina made her and takes it over to Nava’s place. He resists her out of professional courtesy for all of two seconds and then they make love. As they get revved up, she turns the wire back on so Stahl can hear all the heavy breathing from his SUV across the street.


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