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Episode: Season 1, Episode 12 (S01E12)


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Woz confesses all his dirty but promises the priest he has more to do in “For I have Sinned”. Linklater has another surprise up his sleeve and the team shows a lot of faith in Loman when they leave him at the scene of the crime to face the NYPD and the FBI.

Loman’s story

After arriving mid heist and drawing his weapon on his team, Loman stays behind to meet the NYPD responders. He called for back up, but Santos convinces him to let the others escape with Joaquin, the wounded armored car driver, and the money. Woz and Santos take the stolen car with the cash; Espada and Tufo take the wounded to the street doctor Saperstein had been helping out (…until Woz through him off a building).


Stahl debriefs Loman about what he saw at the scene of the robbery. He assumes Loman is just another dirty cop and part of the heist crew. Stahl’s in quicksand. A hostage was killed right under their noses. A heist went down and $12million is missing. He has no suspects in custody. Even for government work, this is gonna look bad on his next review. Gail reminds him his neck is on the line so he puts all his nasty energy into the one guy he does have, Loman.

Loman doesn’t share many details. Stahl thinks he’s lying, arrests him, and takes him to the FBI offices. Loman tells Stahl he was following a murder suspect that led him to the armored car. He doesn’t offer any names, or face ID’s that might betray his team, though Stahl cranks up the pressure.

Stahl grills Loman about the crime scene; he doesn’t believe the holes in the story. Loman says he didn’t see any faces because they were all wearing masks. Stahl says he’s been tracking the heist team for months. They are manipulative and hide behind abuses in authority. He doesn’t say it, but he implies they’re cops. He wants Loman to give witness testimony against them, but Loman stands strong, he sticks to the story of the shoeless landlord murder investigation.

Stahl heads out and questions the bartender at the Kink Club. She confirms Loman’s story, but she also identifies Joaquin and Donnie Pomp. When he tells her Joaquin is Donnie’s nephew, she adds, she caught them blowing each other once.

Loman doesn’t crack no matter what Stahl does. He ends up letting Loman go. They him dropped him back at the crime scene where we get a flashback to what happened after Loman pulled on his team. Santos talked him down. She said the team was doing this to set up Donnie from internal affairs. They were doing it to keep Loman and her safe. She convinces him they’re all looking out for each other. He didn’t have much time to think about it then, but he’s starting to wonder.

Where’s the cash?

Woz and Santos get T-boned by another car. We don’t see who jacks the cash, but Woz pulls Santos from the wreckage. They seek shelter in a pharmacy and touch base with Linklater. He wants to know where his $12 million went. Woz thinks Donnie might know where the money is. He’s been keeping a lot of details to himself, but Linklater doesn’t suspect Donnie. He wants to meet with Woz and Santos in Queens to discuss where they go form here.

Donnie shows up for the meet with Woz, Santos, and Linklater. There is plenty of blame for the messed up heist. No one has a clue where the money went, but Woz says the crew that hit his car knew exactly what they were doing, they had to know the plan. Linklater doesn’t care what Woz thinks, he has photos of Woz and Santos with the hostage and gives them 24 hours to find the money. Woz still suspects Donnie has the money hidden somewhere. These two don’t have much of a future.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

The Wounded

Street doctor Isaiah helps Tess, her wound isn’t critical. Joaquin is in much worse shape and needs a real hospital. Linda calls Woz, she thinks the same car has circled her block a few times, she is concerned about Cristina’s safety. Woz tells her to take Cristina and sneak away to a hotel.

Woz pushes Joaquin for answers. Donnie killed the shoeless landlord and framed the Marine vet, Joaquin killed Royce because he got out of hand. Donnie wants both buildings and hired Woz’s team for protection to secure the neighborhood. This is enough to satisfy Woz, Tufo drives them to the hospital but Joaquin dies on route. Woz runs off to confession while Tufo and Espada bury Joaquin in the woods.

The New Deal

Santos walks into Gail’s office with the wire Stahl gave her. There are huge gaps in the coverage and he thinks she tampered with it. There is nothing useful. The case against team Woz is crumbling. Stahl wants to know where the money is. She claims she doesn’t know why the equipment failed or who the second team that smashed into her getaway car was. He almost believes her story but it doesn’t help her situation. She doesn’t get immunity for her team and her own deal is in question.

The FBI brings in Linklater. They want to use Santos to get to him but they have the wrong guy. Santos convinces Gail and Stahl they can still get a win. Linklater wants the money in 24 hours. Santos promises to get Linklater, Donnie, and Woz together in one place, The FBI can grab the main players in one sweep. Everyone else from the team should be allowed to walk. They have to let her go, she needs some room to set it up.

Santos visits Cristina and Linda. Cristina calls Santos on the lies she’s been telling about Zepeda. Santos reminds her everything she’s done was for Cristina’s future. Later, she makes a recording on Cristina’s computer explaining her actions in more detail. Then, she leaves to check in with her old training supervisor, Curtis Deville. Santos and Deville have all the money stashed away safe. He seems like a decent guy, loyal to Santos, but with a name like Deville, anything is possible.

The Season finale

Woz gives a great confession about all the corrupt, deceitful things he’s done and his rationale behind them, but he admits he still has a few more people to hurt. One more episode left in this first season. My feeling is next season’s big bad is somewhere in the cast of characters we’ve already seen. We’ll find out next week.



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