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Airtime: Thursdays at 10PM on NBC
Episode: Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)


Tweetable Takeaway: #ShadesofBlue proves it’s always better when no one gets along in this week’s episode

Santos uses her “Live Wire Act” to expose Woz’s as the team moves past the loss of Saperstein.  Everyone deals loss differently, but the man that killed Saperstein takes it the hardest. Woz can’t hold it together long enough to speak at the department funeral and he spends the night getting drunk.  In the morning, he call Donnie to bail on their next rendezvous, but new developments won’t allow him to take a sick day.

However, this week, it’s Agent Chen that unleashes a whole new plotnado. She wants Stahl to pursue Zepeda’s release, but he isn’t interested. He wants to get Woz on the case they have instead of building a new one. He doesn’t care that an innocent man is doing hard time. This doesn’t sit right with Chen, plus she doesn’t know the whole story of Zepeda’s abuse. More and more she suspects Stahl’s professional behavior, he puts off a lot of smoke.  Chen sneaks off to the DA’s office and prods him to make a deal for Zepeda’s release. The DA makes a deal with Zepeda, freedom in exchange for an agreement that he will never sue the city. Zepeda leaves prison a free man.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

Woz gets a whole new caper from his silent partners.

Woz has to sober up and get to work. Donnie tells him they have new delivery to pick up, not to mention, all the baddies running around Woz’s beat. He may have his side activities, but Woz still likes to sweep the streets.

Stahl gives Santos a new necklace wire to wear to record Woz in all his dirty deeds. Surveillance is like a box of chocolates, you never no what you’re gonna get. Woz confides in Santos, details in the evening on the big score going down in a few days. It isn’t much, but it’s something she can give to Stahl.

Santos takes a call when Sap’s desk phone rings. She takes the team in response to a break-in and at Isaiah’s apartment. The place is full of illegal prescription drugs and a kid escapes out the window with more. They lose the kid on church grounds but the real mystery is why does Isaiah have Saperstein’s number on speed dial. They are quick to suspect the worse in their late teammate.

The neighborhood priest explains that Isaiah is an actual doctor that helps the poor in the area, medical care for people who have no other option. Saperstein was helping the man and serving the community. They let Isaiah go with out charging him, return his bag of medicine, and Tufo offers to be his new Saperstein.

The new package needs to be walked, watered, and fed.

Donnie is stuck in and can’t pick up the new package. Santos convinces Woz to let her go with him, the man shouldn’t be driving much less closing felonious deals in his condition.  Two bagmen leave Woz a car with something for him in the trunk, a kidnapped man. The delivery duo claims they don’t know him or anything else. They were only paid to deliver the car. Santos takes the hostage to the marina to wait on Woz’s boat while he figures out whom he is and what to do with him. Santos gets the man to talk. He doesn’t know why anyone would take him.

The hostage’s wife, Ellen, works for First Guardian Security. Santos and Woz figure the kidnappers must have Ellen under surveillance and hubby is leverage to control her. Woz confesses to Santos his inside man is Donnie Pomp from Internal Affairs detective. Santos thinks it’s a really bad choice by Woz, but he claims Donnie approached him with $50K to start. Donnie is on their side, but he’s also in over his head.

What’s happening at First Guardian?

Stahl goes to the First Guardian Security main office to talk with Ellen and discovers she works at the armored car dispatch, not the headquarters. Woz arrives while he’s talking with the office manager, but he spots the drop duo. Obviously, they know more than they said. Santos finds Ellen and leaves a phone with her so they can keep in touch when the kidnappers call with instructions. She assures Ellen they already have her husband in a safe place.

Santos tells Stahl that Donnie is Woz’s inside man and mastermind of the secret caper. She slips her wire in the garbage of Woz’s office so she can hear him and Donnie discuss the big . They don’t hear many details, but it’s clear Woz and Donnie have a complicated intimate relationship.

SHADES OF BLUE -- "Live Wire Act" Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jennifer Lopez as Det. Harlee Santos, Drea de Matteo as Det. Tess Nazario, Dayo Okeniyi as Michael Loman -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

The angry Ex is sure to mess things up.

Zepeda drives an interesting promise dimension of chaos. Whatever the armored car guys are up to, Santos’s ex is likely to complicate. It’s always better when no one gets along.



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