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Tweetable Takeaway: Santos gets burned when Woz turns up the heat looking for a rat.

We get a little backstory on Santos and see the Original Sins that brought her to Woz’s team in the first place on this week’s . This week is all about lies and trust issues.

Someone takes a shot at Woz and Santos.

Woz goes out of his mind thinking someone on his team is informing to the feds. Internal Affairs Detective Donnie Pomp gave him the heads up, but no lead as to which person the feds are using. Woz tells Santos she’s the only person he trusts, they have to identify and kill the rat.

They get called from the cook out by one of the liquor stores that pays his team for protection. A suspicious car has driven by several times and the storeowner wants some of the personal protection he’s been paying for. Woz takes Santos with him on the protection run.

As they wait outside the liquor store, the suspicious car returns and someone opens fire with a shotgun. Woz and Santos survive with just a few scratches. The rest of the team arrives and tells Woz two other liquor stores were hit earlier in the evening. Woz doesn’t think him and Santos were targeted on purpose, just a coincidence they happened to be there when the action went down. Still, he wants to find the shooter quick before things get worse and more shops get hit on their beat.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

Santos takes herself out of the hidden camera game.

Santos sneaks away to the women’s room as Woz tasks the rest of the team. She rants to Stahl via her wire, and then smashes the thing in the sink. Stahl is pissed. No video or audio of her situation: This isn’t what he had in mind. He calls her back, but she refuses to answer.

Later, as they work the case, Secret Agent Chen, a young FBI Special Agent, joins Stahl’s detail. He keeps calling Santos to meet him for debrief, but she’s tied up at the precinct with Woz and the rest of the team.

Det. Donnie form IA wants Woz to investigate everyone on his team, including Harlee Santos. Donnie thinks she’s a prime target for the Feds to lean on to get inside, she has the most access and most to lose. Woz can’t see her as the rat, but he knows he must take a look.

Loman gets the first real break in the case. He spots a security camera that may have caught some part of the drive-by. Woz sends Tufo to help Loman check and acquire the footage.

There’s a new boy in school and one bad boy on his way back from detention.

James Nava, a new Assistant District Attorney, arrives and introduces himself to Woz. A number of old cases are being reopened and the perps could be released from prison; Woz was involved with four of the cases. Miguel Zepeda is the one name that really hits Woz. Zepeda might be getting out of prison soon.

Nava steps out of the office; he has an instant crush on Santos and with everything going on, she seems to appreciate the innocent attention. Woz has a file on Zepeda in his office safe. There’s a disk with video footage and Woz reviews it during the rest of the episode. It’s an interview he had with Santos when she was still in uniform. She busted Zepeda, he abusive boyfriend and likely father of Christina, and he was claiming she planted evidence to frame him.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

There’s a suspect for the drive-by.

Santos traces the car registration to a man named “Stroke,” Clarence Morris. Two team Woz head out to pick him up while she continues to update the investigation log, but she slips away while Woz watches the old footage.

She meets with Stahl and tells him she wants out of the agreement. He must have a leak in his office that tipped off Woz. Stahl is going to get her killed. Stahl threatens to arrest her if she doesn’t agree to use protocol, he cuffs her and marches her back to the precinct but she agrees before they get there.

Young Special Agent Chen calls in Stahl’s supervisor, according to protocol. His boss is concerned about Santos’ well being. She remembers Santos when she worked with NYPD. She remembers Woz too. Stahl assure her he can get Santos under control and keep her safe. She’s worth the risk.

“Stroke” gives up when the police arrive. The photo Loman pulled form the security camera proves he wasn’t the shooter, but it was definitely his car. He tells team Woz he sold the car and he gives them Reggie’s address.

Up all night.

Christina brings Santos a change of clothes; they’ve all been working all night. Woz asks her about her car and she gives him a different story, crashed on the street, not crashed by a friend like Santos told him. He assumes Christina has started lying to her mother.

Woz takes Santos with him to Reggie’s place. They find a shotgun and prescription medication at the apartment. Santos suggests the whole team take a polygraph to clear or ID the rat. Reggie pops in and fires on them. Woz shoot the man but doesn’t kill him. He says he would have if Reggie wasn’t mentally ill. Woz likes Santos’ idea and tells her the whole team needs to meet at his place that evening for their polygraphs.

Santos returns home where Stahl waits for her. She reports she has to go to Woz’s house for a polygraph. Chen is waiting down the block from his house right now.

Santos arrives, but no one else from the team is there. Woz admits he couldn’t think of a way of getting them there without spooking the. He’s only going to polygraph her for now. Then he says he’ll be able to sleep. She burns her arm on the coffee kettle to throw off the lie detector. Santos calls Christine, she’s at a club with her friend, it’s too loud for her to hear her mother, but she knows she’s worried.

Santos works the arm-burn throughout the questioning and passes the polygraph. Then, she leaves to find Christina. Woz checks out the footage of Santos answering the questions, she may have passed the polygraph, but she has a “tell.”

Years before when she was asked if she planted evidence to implicate Zepeda she brushed her hair away from her ears. She did the some move tonight when Woz asked if she is now, or has ever, informed to the FBI. He suspects she’s lying about something.

The baddie from the past.

Zepeda could make Santos’ world even more dangerous than it is now. He has a vested interest in going after Christina. This could also complicate Stahl’s investigation.


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