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Airtime: Thursdays at 10PM on NBC
Episode: Season 1, Episode 11 (S01E11)


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loads all its pieces into The Breach in this week’s incredible episode. The whole season has been leading towards this week’s heist. It doesn’t go down quite as action-combaty as the heist in you would expect, but it does stitch together a number of suspenseful elements a deliver a great piece of drama.

Stahl’s creepy obsession

This Stahl/Santos obsession explodes this week when we see him have weirdo sex with a prostitute he pays to look like Santos. Woz watches his place from a distance and thinks it’s her. He confronts the woman when she leaves, thinking it’s Santos but realizes it’s a creepy prostitute knock off when he see her up close.

Espada runs the plates on the prostitute. Her name is Gina Romero. Woz confronts Romero about her deal with Stahl. He promises to clear her prostitution record if she helps him against Stahl. She’s interested in a fresh start and has no loyalty to Stahl. Later, Woz tells Santos about Stahl’s obsession and show her Romero’s photo. He tells her to watch her back, the FBI might be looking for another informant.

Zepeda slithers in

Zepeda meets with Cristina in secret. He tells her about the time Harlee tripped and had to go to the hospital, he does not admit abusing her. Cristina drops the fact that Santos has been working with “Uncle Woz” her entire life. This is big news to Zepeda. He always figured Woz framed him for murder, but he didn’t think Santos had anything to do with it.

He visits Kovach’s fiancé and asks her about his death and Woz’s involvement. Santos worries he’ll expose her lies and turn Cristina against her. Zepeda confronts Santos about her relationship with Woz. She offers him a lot of money to get set up some place far away from them. He seems to agree, but breaks into her place and waits for her to return home. Cristina does a little digging, she tricks Nava’s office into explaining Zepeda’s release. She knows Santos lied about the parole story.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

The Plan

Donnie a real estate deal to Woz. He wants him to cut his crew out of their shares and invest $2mil in his deal. Woz is pissed, he knows this means Donnie is short $2mil on something in motion and he’s been deceiving him all along. Later, Woz lays out the plan and assigns teams to their vans; Woz and Santos in one, Tess, Espada, and Tufo in the other. They plan to keep Loman busy following up leads on their most recent case. Donnie makes the hostage call his wife, the armored car dispatcher, to reassign the drivers.

The shoeless landlord murder

Tufo’s prime suspect, the owner of the Kink Club, Randy Royce, killed the landlord but he’s already dead. Tess and Loman question the bartender at the Kink Club about the murdered shoeless landlord. She admits the victim complained about the noise, but Royce wasn’t the kind to retaliate. People liked him, he didn’t have enemies and everyone was upset he had to sell the property. Loman and Tess both agree a real estate deal can be a powerful motive for murder. The bartender says one of the two is a regular, Joaquin Foster, the armored car drive.

Tufo recognizes Joaquin (one of the club ), he was in the Kink Club the day they found Royce hanging in his office. Loman follows up when the others run off with Woz. He goes to Joaquin’s work and questions the dispatcher. She’s worried about her husband and asks if he’s with the FBI. When he explains he’s with NYPD, she reacts weird and sets off his cop senses.

The FBI Operation

Santos updates Stahl on the plan and gives him a map, but she leaves out several details. Stahl wants her to wear a wire during the heist and plant devices on the vans. She agrees but she wants a guarantee of immunity for the rest of the team. Stahl says they require more names to get that deal. Santos gives Stahl the name of the DEA agent who set up the heist, Terence Linklater. He congratulates her and says it should be enough to keep her team clear.

Chen watches Joaquin and Donnie at the warehouse where they have the hostage while Gail Baker briefs her 3 FBI teams. Stahl gives them the Linklater update and reminds the teams the only asset is Santos, he wants everyone else to go down. He never requests immunity for the others.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

Santos changes the plan on her own

Santos goes home and checks the footage she has form the camera she put in Stahl’s apartment. She doesn’t know it, but Zepeda is still inside watching her. She sees the creepy footage of Stahl ordering her prostitute look-alike to do things because he’s in charge. This is some deep Federal kink. When Stahl arrives to wire her, she confronts him about his unethical acts and tries to force him into calling Baker. He admits her team won’t get immunity and she needs to take care of her end for Cristina’s sake. She takes the wire and the locaters. After they leave, Zepeda finds her surveillance tablets.

Santos has her junkie surveillance expert tamper with the FBI wire and create a device to disable one of the vans after a few miles. She also asks him to pick up her end of the stolen money after the heist.

The Heist

Loman follows Joaquin Foster’s armored car. He sees the DEA load the car with money at one of the stops. Agent Chen reports when Donnie leaves the warehouse so they can go in and rescue the hostage. Woz’s teams hit the road, but the van with Tess, Tufo, and Espada stalls after a few miles. Santos tells them to walk away, she says Woz and her can handle the armored car without them. She’s trying to keep them away from the FBI sting, but Tufo is too loyal to leave them without backup.

The FBI strike team moves in at the warehouse and finds the hostage dead, throat cut. Donnie was the last man with him. Gail gets spooked and wants the other teams to move in, but Stahl urges her to go on. He says he’ll take responsibility.

Loman follows the armored car to its last stop, he almost gets run off the road by the van with Santos and Woz. Woz jumps out and puts the explosives n the armored car as planned. Joaquin and his partner get out while Woz handles them. Meanwhile, Loman sneaks up on the scene and reports an armored car robbery. Santo starts to cut some packs of money away from the rest of the load when Tufo and the others arrive in a car. Loman moves in closer, he can see everyone.

Tufo tells Woz, Joaquin is the new suspect in the Royce murder case. He was at the Kink Club and might be working a real estate scheme. Loman steps out and pulls his gun on everybody adding just enough tension to make Joaquin pull his gun. Tufo attacks, but Joaquin fires off a shot that hits Tess.

Two episodes remain

Woz shoots Joaquin, but he lives. Most likely, Woz will torture some information out of him before killing him. A lot of people have to answer up next week. Gail, Stahl, and the FBI have to sort out their huge mess and dead hostage. Donnie has to be on the run form the feds. Woz is probably hunting him too. Plus, Zepeda has video footage form inside Stahl’s apartment. Many interesting threads left to pull.



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