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Airtime: Thursdays at 10PM on NBC
Episode: Season 1, Episode 9 (S01E09)


Tweetable Takeaway: Woz closes in on his big payday in this week’s #ShadesOfBlue when he helps a homeless vet accused of murder

Murder is “What Devil Do” on this week’s but nothing is ever as simple as it seems. This episode also gives us another piece of the big score and its baddie maestro, Linklater, a DEA agent played by Stephan Lang.

It’s that one , so big, we can all retire.

Woz pressures Donnie to set up a face to face with the people masterminding their big score, no more messing around. He thought they’d be performing security for some fat cat moving a lot of money. Explosives and kidnapping is not what he had in mind. Stahl wants Santos at the meet, but she needs a new wire. He gets all excited when she asks if she can pick one up in the evening at Stahl’s place. He practically has to excuse himself.

Stahl corners Donnie outside the courthouse to sell the Saperstein deception. He convinces him they’re moving on from the Woz investigation, for now, because they don’t have any actionable intelligence. He asks Donnie if they have an asset inside Woz’s team he can borrow. Donnie falls for the trick. He tells Woz it’s time to move and the score is worth all the trouble.

Woz takes Santos to meet with Donnie and the mysterious front man, Linklater. He is a DEA agent and related to both Donnie and Joaquin, the armored car delivery guy. The score is an armored car transporting $12 million in money the DEA confiscated from anti drug operations. Woz negotiates $3 million for his team, $600 thousand a piece. Later, Woz lets the team vote on the . Espada is hesitant but he supports everyone else’s decision. Woz promises this will set them right.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

The murder of the week.

Woz responds to a call from a laundromat he provides protection for. It turns out, Donnie set up a lot of this side business. The owner wants them to remove an angry homeless man, a Marine Corps vet. They take him in to detox, but no charges are filed. When Nate, the Marine, sobers up, he confesses he hurt someone the night before. He started off the night wearing boots but he got picked up wearing shoes. A quick search of the area surrounding the laundromat turns up a shoeless murder victim in a dumpster, the landlord of a nearby building.

Woz loses the Marine’s case. Nate was picked up in someone else’s territory, but he doesn’t want the guy to go down for something he didn’t do. The new detectives are not motivated to find another suspect. Why work so hard when they have a homeless vet to pin it on.

Woz finds a possible witness, a homeless man named Moses. Moses says he saw the Devil hit the white man with a stick, then put him in the dumpster. He sees this Devil everyday when he rides the bus. Tess and Tufo ride the bus with Moses to identify the suspect Devil. The Devil appears on a billboard, a man named Royce, who runs a satanic themed fetish club.

Donnie tells Woz he heard the vet is confessing to the murder of the landlord, but Woz knows he never mentioned the victim’s occupation. This show excels at building suspicion and fanning character paranoia. Tufo and Loman go to the Kink club to question Royce. They pass Joaquin, the armored car delivery guy on their way to the back office, but they don’t know who he is. They find Royce dead.

Stahl scores too.

FBI supervisor Gail baker is thrilled to see the video of Woz and Donnie planning the armored car heist. She wants Woz, his team, the baddies, the kidnappers, and the armored car insiders. All of them make a much better bust than she had originally hoped for. You get the feeling she has some personal issue with Woz we haven’t seen yet. Stahl confronts Chen about going behind his back to get Zepeda released. He claims he was going to see to it as soon as his current case cleared. She accuses him of dropping the Zepeda lead as a favor to Santos, which is correct.

Santos spots Zepeda watching her from across the street, but he gets away before she can catch up and question him. She confronts Nava at his office but he explains he had nothing to do with Zepeda’s release. He recused himself for ethical reasons. Santos asks Stahl if he had anything to do with the release. He lies about knowing anything but offers to check on Zepeda from time to time.

Santos reports the face to face and the $12 million to Stahl, but she lies about hearing any names or the news that it’s DEA money. She confirms the target is an armored car and requests immunity for the rest of Woz’s team. It’s a big score and he doesn’t need them all. Stahl pretends to call Gail Baker and tells Santos she’ll talk to the US Attorney about immunity for the team. Then, he pulls her in for a kiss. This is the sort of thing that has got to blow up in his face.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

Zepeda pushes to meet Cristina.

Santos finds Zepeda and they have a quick discussion about his plans now that he’s free. Zepeda wants to meet his daughter, Cristina. Santos advises he get a place and a first, and then he can meet Cristina as a respectable man.

She and warns Cristina that Zepeda is free and she doesn’t want them talking for now. She agrees but Zepeda arrives at Santos’s apartment when he knows Cristina is home alone. He tries to get in, but she won’t let him, at first. He Santos and the conversation over the door intercom so Cristina can hear. It sounds like Santos is lying and Zepeda is Cristina’s real father. She opens the door to him and asks for his version of the truth.



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