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Tweetable Takeaway: Loman struggles with big identity issues and his place as a black detective in his community in this week’s @nbcshadesofblue.

digs deeper into Loman’s heart as the man is torn between the colors he represents in “Who Can Tell Me Who I Am” Santos wakes after an intimate evening with AFA Nava. So far, he and Cristina seem to be the most innocent characters of the show.

Santos gives Stahl some intel on Woz.

Stahl waits for Santos outside Nava’s apartment to collect her recording she made at the marina with Woz. She doesn’t want to wear the wire again; it’s too dangerous. Stahl tells her she wouldn’t have to if she gives him good evidence against Woz. He offers her a ride home, but she goes by herself. Santos spots a robbery in progress at a bodega on the way home. She pulls her gun, but one of the robbers knifes the clerk in the chest, then they both run off.

Woz goes to a bar after accusing Santos of being the informant. He meets a nice young man and they head to the back for a BJ. On his way home, he runs into a parked car. Chen observes the whole thing and rushes to his aide. When Woz wakes up in the hospital, he apologizes to Santos. He confesses the idea of a rat has him all twisted. Since he can’t leave right away, he asks Santos to pick up an empty van for him and park it by his storage locker.

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Loman throws his gun off the bridge, but it gets stuck on a support and doesn’t hit water. An NYPD patrol finds him standing on the bridge and assumes he’s suicidal. Saperstein and Tufo give Loman a hard time about what he was doing on the bridge. He tells them he was taking a picture and dropped his phone. They think he might be suicidal too, they still don’t know the whole story. Loman sneaks off to the memorial service for Malcolm, the unarmed baddie he killed. Saperstein finds the brochure and the whole team rolls to check contain Loman.

Loman goes to the podium at the church service and tries to come clean, but Tufo and Espada grab him before he can get his confession out. They cuff him outside as the people from the memorial service in full view of Malcolm’s cousin and the other attendees.

Santos meets with the team to report on Woz and divide up their tasking. She tells them the truth about the Malcolm shooting: it wasn’t clean and it was her idea to cover it up. She thinks Loman will be okay, but they are not convinced he’s stable enough to roll with them. She leaves to pick up Woz’s van. Saperstein finds a DNA match from a hair left in the hat by one of the bodega perps. The team wants to follow up, but first they take Loman on a tough-love ride down a deserted street. They give him a loaded gun and prod him to commit suicide. Loman isn’t ready, he wants to live, but he still struggles with guilt. The team rolls out to check on the Bodega lead, but they leave Loman cuffed in the car while they arrest the less violent of the two perps.

The van is loaded with bad news.

Santos calls Stahl and reports she’s heading for Woz’s van. She gets there first and checks the van, it looks empty, but she finds a hidden compartment with duffel bags full of C-4 explosives and industrial money adding machines. Santos calls Woz and confronts him about the explosives but he is genuinely surprised, the van was supposed to be empty. Santos tells Woz she’ll take care of it.

The van is virtually empty by the time Stahl and Chen arrive. They find a loose wire, but nothing else. Stahl doesn’t think it was really empty so he searches the trunk of Santos’ car and finds nothing. Santos leads Stahl to the Marina storage but they find nothing incriminating. He sees Woz’s boat Anna Kate, named after his daughter who committed suicide. Later, Stahl expands his search to storage facilities registered in the name of Anna Kate. Chen takes Santos back to her car and builds trust over Stahl being out of bounds about Woz’s relationship with is daughter. After Chen drops her off, Santos retrieves the duffels she hid in a nearby dumpster.

Woz meets with Donnie at a cemetery and they fight about Santos and what she found in the van. Donnie tells him it was better that he didn’t know. Woz really thought they would be paid for a lucrative security deal. Donnie maintains it’s for a controlled explosion at an empty warehouse; no one will get hurt. Santos meets with and shows Woz the trunk of explosives. She’s concerned they’re in over their heads, but he assures her the money will come in handy when her daughter goes to college. It’s just a security and everyone involved can use the retirement funds.

Woz reaches out to Loman.

Later, Woz counsels Loman and assures him his heart is in the right place but he needs to get over his guilt and return to policing. Right now, he’s putting the whole team at risk. Loman is concerned about his image as a black detective in the black community where they arrest eight times more black men than white. Woz mentors Loman, he wants him to succeed.

Shades Of Blue - Season 1

Santos takes Loman with her to bring in the knife wielding perp. A woman answers the door; it’s clear she has been abused. She tells them Bernard Perkins isn’t there, but when the door closes they hear her getting hit and tossed around the room. Legally, they can’t enter. Loman has to agree he hears “a cry for help.” They go in and arrest the violent perp. Santos calls him a “rent check with fists.”

Chen and Stahl find a storage locker rented in the name of Anna Kate. They discover the duffels, adding machines, and explosives after a brief search.

ADA Nava stops in on Santos to update her on the Zepeda appeal case and discuss the process ahead.

Loman visits Malcolm’s cousins. He brings an Ipad for the boy and goes in to talk with his pretty mom.


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