“Sheena: Queen of the Jungle” Reboot In Works at Millennium Films


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Millennium Films is on the prowl for their female warrior in a reboot of . Following the success of the female led superhero feature Wonder Woman smashing box office records, it’s no surprise other studios are seeing the future of films are for females too.  Sheena actually pre-dates Wonder Woman as the first female led superhero comic.

Sheena is an orphan who learned how to survive in the harsh jungle and possesses the ability to communicate with animals. She is also skilled in fighting with knives, spears, and bows. Her adventures usually involve encounters with evil hunters, slave traders, natives and wild animals.

Irish McCalla portrayed the Queen of the Jungle in a 16-episode TV series in 1955, while Tanya Roberts starred in the feature version in 1984.

Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, Joe Gatta, Boaz Davidson and John Thompson will be producing the picture.

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