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 has been a roller coaster of false starts, lost plots, dead ends as the series winds down we finally begin to get closure in two murders that have hit close to home.  “Come to Jesus” suggests Preston and Ashe will get a proper conclusion if this is their last case together. After eight episodes unraveling the murderers of Jesse Carr and Joey Campbell we finally get a glimpse of accountability. This episode like all before it have the same tired of the issue of not knowing at which pace to present each storyline and this episode is on different as both cases come to head out of nowhere, another murder in Gate Station makes for an unforgettable ending.  

With the cliffhanger from last week leaving me scratching my head, as Preston goes out of his way to do something with the video of Jesse Carr’s fatal encounter with Officer Beck. He ended up leaking the video to the press in hopes of putting added pressure on Beck and the rest of the Gate County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s are still holding Pastor Janae in custody and shielding Jesse Carr’s murderer by the way. This new move forces Beck’s hand and he tries to make an immunity deal. His offer is evidence against Sheriff Platt and his auxiliary deputy program. Preston believes he has everything he needs but the records DOJ were false since Beck has the real records. He kept them to prove the auxiliary deputies were under trained and acted carelessly during protocols with their tours of the Houses.

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Lieutenant Breeland attempts to negotiate a deal by using the information he holds as the ranking officer on the scene of Joey Campbell’s murder and the person who planted weed on Jesse Carr. Ashe isn’t too fond of this and wants to him to suffer for his attempts to intimidate her and use her custody battle as leverage.  I’m glad Ashe is operating in the gray area of this entire situation as it does not add a different layer of complexities to her character it keeps us guessing ot what she’ll do next as it’s clear her emotions drive her actions. Ashe has a history of not being able to control her emotions so to see it play into her work really adds a different unexpected layer to her. Ashe tries to work around Breeland and find someone else that can give her the same information he would provide to take away his ability to bargain with her.  To do this she goes directly to Arlen Cox and convinces him to confess to the crime he committed. Cox admits to shooting Joey after accidentally reaching for his gun instead of his stun gun in a surprise press conference.

Which really invokes a whole mess of who said what as Ashe gives Cox the idea to cop to the crime to push the blame on Breeland.  He assumes Platt signed off on Cox making him the Enemy #1 and makes him even angrier. Breeland has had moments of compassion throughout the series but it’s when he has the conversation with his daughter that really shows us who he really is. He confesses that he’s not the brave hero the press has made him out to be instead he’s the root of the problem giving admission to the unrest that gives aim to the riots.

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Governor Eamons falls from grace she tries to preserve herself as the auxiliary deputy program she put her fingerprints on has officially been implicated in a young man’s death. She abandons the education program she spent so much time on and redirects Cox’s money into helping to rebuild Gate Station after the riot. Sarah is hurt by this and what she promised this would do for the community and quits her .

Preston and Ashe have redeemed themselves in the eyes of the DOJ when Cox agrees to turn himself in. Confidence with the agency is at an all time high since Ashe went directly for Cox and the duo gets to retain control of the case; the death of Lieutenant Breeland. He was found shot outside of his house. Surprise another murder!  As the list of suspects continues to get longer and longer it will definitely shine an even brighter light on Ashe and the Sheriff’s department. Something I’m not sure the townspeople can take at the moment.

Who do you think killed Lieutenant Breeland? What do you think will happen with Ashe and Preston’s relationship?

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