SHOTS FIRED Review: “Hour 4: Truth”


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In the fourth installment, we pick up with Ashe discovering Cory hiding out in his dad’s apartment. She calls Preston and he quickly comes over so he can hear Cory’s story of Joey’s death. He tells the account of what happened with chills, as the fear coves his entire face. He was riding his bike home late at night when he saw a police chasing down Joey as he watched them corner him, the cops threw him to the ground.  Joey screamed for his mother and saw, an old man at the scene shoot Joey after he refused to let the cops handcuff him. This admission swiftly changes the relationship between Preston and Ashe as he wants to press on cautious but eager to pursue justice. She warns him to take his time to handle things properly but he makes a hasty call to the Department of Justice superior to let them know what they’ve found. Surprisingly (sarcasm), he agrees to keep the case on his radar.

Meanwhile, the Becks find the words “Killer Cop” spray painted on their house in bright red sending them rightfully back into shock. The next day, Sheriff Platt agrees to station a squad car outside the house and declares that “we take care of our own,” but it falls on deaf ears for Beck since he’s been stuck on desk duty and the union dropped him. I wonder if the department would have had his back if he was an older white man? I wonder if this is a good thing or bad thing when going after Justice especially which race relations being such a hot topic in such a small town.

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It’s clear that Preston is beginning to realize that justice simply isn’t as black and white as he thought in America,  after hearing Cory’s account of what happened to Joey.  Ashe ready to fight for justice by any means necessary begins to refocus on getting protection for Cory’s family. Unfortunately, for the duo it seems Preston has already ruined this opportunity since the tone for the video conference is already flat.  Leaving an upset Ashe that blames his ego for missing the chance to make sure their witnesses stay alive.

After the minor setback, they finally get a few major breaks that really move the story forward and pick up the pace. A hit man goes to the hotel room where Corey and his family are supposed to be but aren’t since Ashe has already put them in protective custody. Although the scene seemed to be very predictable and nothing new to stories like this the way it was shot proved to be worth watching.

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Ashe works quickly to chase down the source of the weed found in Jesse Carr’s vehicle. Jesse and Joey were found in possession of the exact same strand of marijuana out of the 600 strains available in the county.It’s clear that somehow this is all connected as they work together to figure out how exactly the dots connect. They leverage the revelation to get permission to formally investigate the deaths of Joey and Jesse. This new advance in their cases brings them closer together and for a moment the sexual tension is so strong you can cut it with a knife.

The show’s ability to look at the larger forces that play into justice for people of color and police officers is important to note and necessary to move the overall conversation forward. Even though the conversation can turn a bit literal often serving as a distraction to the issues at hand. My favorite moments in this episode include the push and pull from Ashe and Preston. It brings a different layer to that show that’s sexy and very intriguing and proves that opposites really do attract.

What did you think of this episode? Are you shipping Ashe and Preston?


Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
Shots Fired airs Wednesday at 8PM on FOX

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