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In the eighth installment of  we finally get the much needed air to not only catch our breath but learn more about our characters and their relationships since the dual murder investigation and local community unrest. In one regard it was much needed and in the other it seemed like the wrong time and place for such a character heavy episode since the ending of the last episode ended with such a shocker. “Rock Bottom” was if not the best example of episodic storytelling that I’ve seen in this entire series. There’s a new air in this episode a check in if you will to get the temperature of Gate Station one that I say is needed.

This episode does in fact deal with the aftermath of Janae’s arrest which serves as the catalyst for most of what’s about to take shape in Gate Station forever. Preston and Ashe have come back to the station to question Jenae, who fiercely denies any involvement in Joey Campbell’s death but does admit that she ordered “the Hands” to rough Joey up so he’d stop selling weed around the Houses. She even goes into detail about  a burglary at the church that she thinks was actually committed to cover up the planting of the gun. This news peaks Ashe’s interest because she just fought off a  mysterious intruder trying to steal Jesse Carr’s cell phone from her hotel room.

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Preston and Ashe’s have the murder weapon that they take with them to keep for safe so it doesn’t go mysteriously missing. It’s already leaving a bit of mystery since the the gun’s serial number is already filed down, but Ashe believes she can have someone pull the serial numbers. In order to make that happen she has to reach out to her ex, Javier, who is still angry with her for seducing him in hopes of  blackmailing him into dropping his custody dispute. Their conversation reveals that Javier is also law enforcement and that they still have so many things in common.

Ashe shows a whole other side to herself when it comes to her daughter and the lengths she will go to protect her family. We often get glimpses of this throughout the episode but the most emotionally uplifting moment comes when  she records an encouraging video message for her daughter in case her work in Gate Station impacts the custody hearing. She must of known something was about to go down when she takes her revenge on Lieutenant Breeland. A very tense confrontation ensues that quickly erupts into physical violence when Breeland attacks Ashe but she finds a way to handcuff Breeland to a chain-link fence. Her temper is out of control and she even knows it. She can’t trust her emotions to not get the best of her when her and family are both at stake.

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As emotions arise so do the romantic feelings that Preston and Ashe both share as they get even closer. Meanwhile Alicia Carr and Shameeka Campbell bond over old cell-phone videos of their sons during happier times.  Meanwhile, Deputy Brooks convinces Shawn Campbell to return home. We get a much needed glimpse into the Beck household, where Joshua was living by himself after altercation with Kerry lead her to leave with the children. Off  the advice of Kerry’s mother who tells her she must stay with Joshua because he’s a good man and she needs to prove her loyalty by not asking him about what happened with Jesse.  When she returns she ignores the advice and asks him anyway. He insists the shooting was self-defense as he originally stated.

Lets not forget about the video of Joshua raving about his new found ability to “shoot crackers,” and taking an ill advised approach to his policing. We all know that as soon as the case against Pastor Jenae falls through the cracks they’re going to try to lay blame on Joshua for both killings to calm the unrest in the community and media. Breeland orders his deputies to sweep the city so the department can fill its coffers with ticket fines. Another form of aggressive policing that can not only incite a community to fight against these barbaric practices but can really hurt anyone that can’t afford to fight their ticket fines. I really hope Preston and Ashe get closer to the justice the families so desperately needs to that the towns unrest can finally settle.

What did you think of this episode? Are you confident in Ashe and Preston’s ability to find justice?


Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
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